What is a new approach and a new way of thinking and being

Posted on 19th December 2013


What is a new approach and a new way of thinking and being. How does the vast field of change and destiny and transformation on the planet effect the lives of all Human Beings?

With the Internet all information is at our finger tips


How do we translate this into wisdom?

Topics before swept under the carpet by the establishment ate now accessible

The empowerment of the individual on the internet is remarkable. A You Tube can go viral. An Individual can set up their own global electronic newspaper and news medium with audio and video and outclass the usual run of the mill newspapers. Webinars, DVDs. Newsletters, and educational systems are all on the Global Web

Newspapers are finding their News reaches people more effectively by having electronic paper

We can initiate our own Blog, radio stations and TV Channels and publish our own fiction and non-fiction I books

This indeed can become a second Renaissance for Humanity

The first Renaissance was a yearning for the rebirth of classical antiquity. However with the invention and use of the compass, printing, perspective in art, large sailing galleys and spectacular architecture, the Renaissance became a reinvention of the nature of the human being in relation to GOD and Jesus Christ.

The artist and artisan became empowered persons rather than purely outposts of the masses of serfs, servants and farmers.

Individuality became significant. A sense of newness entered the extended European community from Italy to Greece to Spain to France to England.

Art, music, poetry, drama and sculpture and great cathedrals arose as symbols of a new way of Being — the primacy of the Human Spirit!

Within this diversity of expression and learning –the glory of GOD and JESUS CHRIST was expressed.

The advent of Jesus Christ 1500 years before was being celebrated in an influx of beauty and artistic expression. The energy of the Christ was seen in these epiphanies.

During the first century AD Christ had grounded the energy of the Holy Spirit in the core of GAIA. The presence of this GOD force lit up the next few plague ridden European centuries giving refuge to thousands of suffering people in the midst of whom the grim reaper stealthily and surely took his toll.

Jesus Christ a great mystical figure, a great master and a member of the Essenes was divinity incarnate, a human expression of the highest lineage.

A direct flowering from and consequence of the axial revolution 500 BC the Christ figure changed and revolutionized ancient Rome.

The axial revolution was a tremendous fertile period for humankind.

Most of our great religious figures appeared in an axial development two and a half thousand years ago.  Around this time, we see the development of Judaism, Buddhism, the philosophy of Socrates and Plato, Zoroastrism , Janism and also the foundations of monotheism were laid in the west.. In the East, the inclusive compassion of the Buddha which states seek your salvation within yourself with diligence was established.

The spiritual belief systems were enculturated. They were born of a need of small nation states, to find meaning in life and to maintain bonds within the community.

The individual at that time in history was subservient to the collective whole, run by emperors, Caesar’s and Kings. In the East, the situation was no different the priestly caste system worked in tandem with the aristocracy, creating a ruling theocracy. True spiritual independence for the individual person was unheard of, as a nation played power games with other nations, vying for land and territory.

Life and death and survival, were key preoccupations in this patriarchal world and the collective archetypes were imbued with powerful symbols of survival, death and rebirth, capped by the God or Buddha Redeemer figure embodied in the priesthood.

The ancient wisdom, which held the key to the true nature of the human being and human psyche, was lost in two separate historical events.



The first was the burning of the greats Alexandrian library in Egypt Ancient and modern sources identify four possible occasions for the destruction of the Library:

1. Caesar’s conquest 48 BC;

2. The attack of Aurelian in the 3rd century;

3. The decree of Theophilus in 391

4. The Muslim conquest in 642 or thereafter.

Although the actual circumstances and timing of the physical destruction of the Library remain uncertain, it is clear that by the 8th century, the Library was no longer a significant institution and had ceased to function in any important capacity.


The second, was the occasion of the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, under the auspices of Emperor Constantine when the authorised version of the Bible was born.

About 50% of the biblical texts were discarded at this time. Only recently have some of these texts, been recovered. A notable example is the Dead Sea Scrolls, which documents the traditions and spirituality of the Essenes who lived around the time of Christ twenty- five biblical texts were thus taken out of our references during that time. An additional 20 supporting documents, such as the book of the Secrets of Enoch, were also removed.

These documents, express an individual spirituality, based on the inextricable connection, between the human being and the living universe through the compassionate heart. This spirituality was more loving and feminine, then the patriarchal Pauline doctrine of Christianity, which expressed an external God and the notion of sin, evil and hell

The current religions in the world as they stand, still live by the ethos and cultural proclivity in which they were proclaimed, 2 1/2 thousand years ago, and have not yet risen to face the enormous changes of a more inclusive, interconnected global society, which we now live in.


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