We – as ordinary citizens need to take our power back.

Geopolitics is the word which encompasses our Global interconnected world.


As the power of China grows in terms of economic might so does its army and the technology for war fare. China use of Military might is not only an expression of the significance and power a nation has in the world, it also is used to control its citizens, and compete for resources which are becoming rarer such as oil, and commodities especially rare metals.

Totalitarian regimes control their citizens and also use armed force to buttress against dissent within their borders. Religious conflict between countries is omnipresent in the world.

Belief systems ,cultures ,caste systems ,the unemployed ,the marginalised ,the poverty stricken, children for example in Brazil ,all are branded chastised and if factions develop, wars break out.

People demonstrate for democratic freedom, human rights, religious freedom and expression and economic freedom.

The problem is when each religion is not able to accept the other and each wants to get converts at the expense of the other.

Religious dogma is as restrictive as the materialistic view of capitalism and economic rationalism which is based on the dogma of infinite growth and survival of the fittest.

The dogmas of Religion are widespread a in every religion from monotheism to Buddhism

Over the past 2000 years great rituals have developed in all the great religions and also divisions and severe conflicts

The Protestants still march in Northern Ireland celebrating their successful war 400 years ago The Shiites and Sunni Moslems fight it out in the streets of Iraq. The most popular religions in the world are   Christian. 31% 2.1b-Muslim 23%1.5b- Hindu 15 %900m- Buddhist7%576m- Sikh .35%23m- Jewish . 22%14 m -Shinto 4 m. The world is divided and fragmented by religious beliefs.

Religion has power and control over people. The powerbrokers the priests, the bishops, the parsons, the mullahs, the monks hold tremendous sway over what people think, what they believe and how they see the afterlife. These theocrats are in the same exclusive club as the professional scientists, the political leaders, the Medical Doctors of the church of medicine and the Business leaders. Together they weave a spell of bondage over the masses of people.

The greatest deceit is seen in the activities of the politicians. Admittedly there are great statesmen, great leaders and great men in every walk of life and humanity needs great spiritual leaders and great professionals and scientists. However the main game is one of deception.

In politics it is short term gain at the expense of the future. This is also the game in economics where infinite growth is consistently required for economic success at the expense of a finite planet with finite resources.

Everything and anything is promised to the people by the prospective leader until he wins the power game.

Even in the so called free world there is no such thing as democracy. Spin-doctors manipulate the news media so we see around us death, disaster and sensationalism creating fear and stress.

We actually live in plutocracies or oligarchies A plutocracy represents and is ruled by a narrow section of the population. In the UK the governing minority is firmly rooted in a class system and the leaders of society tend to represent more of the middle class and upper class

Another world which we hardly had a glimpse of until WikiLeaks came on Board is the world of Diplomacy.

This world of bureaucrats and diplomats and governmental leaders Is one of unspoken acknowledgments, and also intrigue where nations competes with nation with collective sparring strategies, hidden agendas, competition for scarce resources, religious fundamentalism and growth of the Military industrial complex.

In this rather heterogeneous political picture, the ordinary citizen can hardly utter a word as for all intents and purposes they are overwhelmed, frightened, brain washed and dependent on an educational system and media networks which speaks for them rather than the citizens having any original thought of their own.

Let the children play with their IPhones and the ones with power can consolidate their hands on wealth and control.

This is not a conspiracy theory.

We– as ordinary citizens need to take our power back.


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