We are born with this knowledge


We are born with this knowledge. It is in our genes it is in and around the atoms which compose our bodies after all we are composed of energy and surrounded by energy

There is specific key information we need to be aware of which helps our transformation

It can be enumerated in the following way. Some people may not accept this information. This is despite the fact that major universities around the world are studying the science of consciousness

1- All matter is solidified energy

Even the periodic table is now expressed in energetic terms. It was Einstein   with his theory of relativity who initiated this new quantum era in 1907

2-Everything in the universe is connected.

It was the famous physicist Alain Aspect who in 1982 proved the Einstein Rosen Podolsky theory of spooky action at a distance and Bells theorem that two pairs of electrons no matter how far apart   they were, in the universe would both change their spins at the same time.

In Heisenberger`s Uncertainty Principle, the observer influences the course of the experiment. Thus realism in the accepted sense of the word does not exist.

3-even the smallest speck of dust or atom is a hologram of the total universe.

What this means is that that indeterminate mass of glue , that bacterium , that atom which you cannot even see has in it, the faintest of reflection  of the energetic implications of the totality – or in other words the microcosm mirrors the macrocosm – so above so below .

4- Consciousness is the building block of the universe. It is the basic prerequisite of existence. It permeates, activates, seeds and creates coherence, rhythm and balance in all phenomena from the tiniest molecule, to the largest galaxy, to the multiverse.

In Buddhist terms it has been called the middle way being neither existence nor non-existence and encompassing both. It is found in expression in ki and chi and the fractal patterns of matter, morphogenic , fields and the supraluminal photons which embrace all atoms surrounded with their toric fields. It is the energy of E=MC2.

Consciousness is the basis of space time and matter and embraces all phenomena in a creative potential for emergence into diversity.

5 All living things from amoebae, to bacteria, to plants, animals and humans are quantum biological organisms. Our bodies function physiologically at enormous speed, For them to be just chemical, physiological reactions and action potential currents of activity down nerve fibers does not give justice or make sense of the miraculous essence of life and living organisms.


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