We are at a Point of Initiation



Posted on 4th January 2014

Unknown territory is unknown territory

We cannot articulate in old terms what is completely different

The old symbols and archetypes are swept away by a new game and a new way. We are not what we seem or appear to be. We have vastness and command at our finger tips .The command is a gentle permeating co-creator mastery with the ultimate truth or Divine GOD

The subtle change is like a door in the world of heaven, subtly opening to reveal our true origin and visage. Even the most dogmatic of institutions and Religions cannot fail to be swayed by this influx of heaven .The Mullahs call to prayer from mosque minarets, the bells of giant cathedrals, the toning choir in the Basilica of St. Peter – Choir Chapel   are touched by the unearthly

The down trodden refugees in Australia, the Middle Eastern uprisings for democracy and social Justice are symptomatic and carry the subtle taste of change and transformation as do the soldiers and pilots of warplanes and the hierarchies and categories of the global monocracies and elites and shadow governments

Nobody can escape the subtle shift

Can we measure it?

Can we articulate it?

Can we feel it?

Can we know it?

At the point of singularity the old ways are swept away. At the tipping point and bifurcation point the system reorganizes itself

The challenge is that this reality is unexplored. We have glimpses and sign posts but the experience is of yet unqualified

The vastness and colour and modality is incapable of being deciphered

It can cure the incurable, right all wrongs, create light where there was dark and lighten the heaviest heart. It adjusts to the requirements of the person, group, nation and environment.

The multifaceted face of transformation is seen in the wide open spaces of deserts, in the vast strewn skies of the Kimberly’s and other sacred and wilderness areas where the clouds of the Milky Way galaxy sparkle like a myriad jewels expressing our home in this galactic place.

We stand with outstretched arms raised in groves, forests, on mountains and in deserts and receive this outpouring of love and grace

We stretch hands to hold other hands and create a chain of love and connection between humanity and the imminence of Nature, GOD and the mystic essence which connects us to the living universe.

We are at a point of initiation


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