There Is a Missing Ingredient That Creates the Difference


There is a missing ingredient that creates the difference

It is finely etched on every atom and clings like a glow to the blue planet,

It softens the hardest face and uncoils the DNA

It is the innate prerogative of every living and non-living thing. It is in the minutest particle and predates and holds the mightiest universe .It is neither black nor white, yin or yang, life or death, seen or unseen and yet encompasses the totality of it all. It is variously described in Buddhist and Vedic traditions of spirituality and yet is seen as separate from everyday life.

It is our minds and ways of thinking create a dissociation between material existence and the unseen  We  are brought up not to perceive the unseen except as Irrational or super rational aspects of human experience There is a   huge chasm between scientific positivistic experience and  the unseen nature of human experience.

In our rational world everything is measured and quantified with the rise of homo electronicus, it was Descartes who said ego ergo sum- I think therefore I am. This was the statement over 300 years ago which created the rift between science and religion

We now believe that science is the only way we can achieve an objective true understanding of everything.

And yet the great spiritual traditions have always talked of the ability of the person to achieve a perfect understanding of the world through deeper perception based on Forms of meditation.

This is called the fusion of subjective wisdom and objective reality giving rise to clarity of mind and enlightenment.

What is the nature of this unseen nature of human experience?

Can it be reinterpreted in a way that bridges the gap between the self .the constructed reality and the unseen nature of reality.

And what is this reality and how do we reach it?

It is almost like being in a familiar house or home all your life and finding one day that there is another door never seen before. It is large imposing and beautifully carved and to your surprise it is slightly ajar

Do you take a chance and walk through that door way?

It is a field that we are entering. It is like diving into a perfect blue ocean and being able to swim effortlessly. Simultaneously we are all connected by the deep ocean which surrounds us, it is infinitely deep and always has the same taste, and it purifies our bodies and souls and casts away the sufferings of life and death and imbues our lives with heartfelt compassion. It is like swimming in an Infinite ocean on which the sun illuminates the ocean and our bodies and mind with clarity and life.

This is enlightenment as clarity imbues our souls and light illuminates darkness.

What is this light and energetic interface between ourselves and the integrative homeostatic reality and field of the cosmos .

It is the open door which we walk through. The door has always been there we just have not seen it.

The opportunity is to transform and grow. We accept a field of infinite possibilities and it is our choice to manifest a new reality as a new Human Being.

Once one person has made this leap into the infinite wisdom of the universe others can easily follow and do the same thing.

As human Beings we have the precious attributes of a neocortex and a heart.


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