Posted on 6th May



Level 2 Healing is integrating the body electric. This is can be called the energy body

Both the brain and the  heart emit electromagnetic waves. This is the reason why we can do EEGs on the brain and ECGs on the heart.

The human heart has an energy field which extends more than twelve feet a around the body The Heart is our second brain and it Contains the same neuronal cells as the neocortex.  It also emits a 5,000 times stronger electromagnetic field than the brain and is the seat if intuitive intelligence

According to the Institute of Heart Math, “the heart and brain maintain a continuous two-way dialogue, each influencing the others functioning

The energy body or body electric is unique to the individual. It is like a finger print but on a more subtle level

The ebbs and flows of human experience are all recorded in this system of vibratory expression The great dramas of human experience, the great successes in life, the realisations of  ambitions and the depths of depression and sadness are all there and unhappiness is also capable of being modified and transmuted by healing on this level of human experience The brain’s neuronal cells have enormous capability for change and growth. This is called neuroplasticity


Level 3 body is the mental Body

Whereas level 2 body in esoteric terms has been called the astral body The mental Body is the biophoton field surrounding the body This field was proven by Dr Fritz Alber Popp in 1974 He showed that bio photons originate from our DNA which vibrates at several billions times a second The bio photon field is like a print out of your physiology and your memories including prebirth memories . It feeds back into and receives information from all Physiological processes in the body brain and heart. Each photon contains megabytes of information and as a cohesive light field the bio photon field integrates the harmonious functioning of the body/ mind complex. The photonic information feeds into the micro tubules which are the rope like polymers of tubulin which maintain cell structure and also act as wave guides channelling light from one part of the cell to another and connecting all the trillion cells in the body through quantum effects. Every cell in the body has over 100000 biochemicakbreactions per second. The only way coherence and harmony can be established is through quantum field synchronicity

Our light or photonic body is inextricably linked to the electromagnetic energy body as well as the physical body

In presence of inflammation and oxidation the light body can glow more brightly.

Stemming the fire of inflammation and oxidation (rusting) can also be done through balancing the electromagnetic and light bodies through meditation, relaxation, and bio energetic therapy based on harmonising the field


Level 4 Body is a level of consciousness which has within it infinite depth. It goes beyond the memes and traditions and dogmas of current global civilisation to different levels of Being ness It enables us to connect and explore the mind of GOD This level is the store house of karma , of deep seated karma , of the experience of past lives  of collective archetypes and is located within the akashik  records of the zero point quantum field


Level 5 is our connection with GOD

It is the enigma we cannot grasp with the human mind .GOD can be experienced but cannot be measured quantified or qualified The mind of the universe is made up of incalculable stars producing photonic information which is magnificently awe inspiring and creates only humility Photonic information is light, the enigmatic vibration of existence and ultimate inconceivable power beyond human comprehension or understanding.

The GOD of ultimate reality, of compassion, of Beingness, of existence itself breathes on us at every nano nano nano moment . GOD essence , divine intelligence, ultimate reality, enigmatic jewel of existence, oneness and  inconceivable beauty cannot be deciphered, cannot be named , cannot be examined, cannot be shamed, can only be accepted as our birthright and name for I am that I am goes far beyond the human organs of perception . We are indeed a minuscule part of the whole just as planet Earth is a minuscule planet in a galaxy of 60 billion earth like planets ( Chicago University ) And yet as Human Beings we have infinite capacities and infinite potential

These words of exploration are but receptors of an unimaginable reality which can only be grasped through experience and realisation. The map is not the territory and each person has to find the territory within themselves.


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