The powder keg of religious fundamentalism

Posted on 23rd December 2013


The powder keg of religious fundamentalism, cultures and belief systems are erupting in a world of instant communication

Human tragedies and suffering are documented by the news media without analysis or understanding of the broader picture

There are specific social determinants of I’ll health and also as a corollary. War and conflict.

Social Determinants of Health

Professor Marmot produced ten social determinants of health for the World Health Organisation, which is:

—Social and economic circumstances strongly affect health throughout life.

—Stress harms health.

—The effects of early development in the neo-natal period and infancy last a lifetime.

—Social exclusion creates suffering and morbidity.

—Stress in the workplace increases the risk of disease Job security increases health, well-being and job satisfaction. Unemployment is deleterious to health.

—Social support, friendship, good social relations and strong supportive networks improve health at home, work and in the community.

—Addiction to drugs and alcohol is influenced by social determinants.

—Nutrition is a key determinant of health.

—Transport through the use of walking and exercise in a sustainable environment.

The Problem of Stress

The incidence of stress in our society is rising, and scientists in general and doctors in particular, do not understand the effect the mind can have on reducing and controlling stress. They do not understand the significance of early childhood rearing, and the fact that the pointers to a person’s destiny are found within the way they are reared in the first twelve months of life. These pointers are not only to educational attainment, but also to delinquency, criminality and morbidity.

The problem of stress is further compromised by the stresses that occur within the context of society, particularly in the work situation.

If people are forced to work in situations which are controlling and restrictive, and in which they are not allowed to contribute to decisions and management, they will get sick!

We need to understand the connection between illness and war and conflict

All the causes of war and conflict amongst nations mirror the above social determinants

Lack of resources, economic factors, marginalization, unemployment, social exclusion, the creation of refugees and above all else one sector of society in government or work force controlling another sector create domestic violence and civil disturbance as well as initiating wars between nations.

Wars between Nations are usually based on power struggles between factions competing for economic and military superiority and cultures with different belief and religious affiliations fighting for pre-eminence

Human Values should be based on love for self and others. Love should be based on compassion, healing self and others, respect for self and others, the ability to embrace differences with a common ground of communality. Despite the beliefs and values engendered by cultures and religions rituals of prayer and meditation and rituals of consumerism in democratic societies there is no overarching value system

Common to all races belief systems and religions is a respect for the sacredness of life.

We need the Cultivation of an ethical philosophy and way of life which is healing for self and others and has as its basis the reduction of stress and illness and dis- ease

Such a way of life would acknowledge freedom of the individual and be part of an Overarching law of harmony and capability which encompasses and enhances the wellbeing of all Human beings and respects the sacredness of all life

Sadly apart from textbooks on humanism and ethics and philosophy there is nothing like this apparent in everyday human life

To treat your neighbor as yourself is a trite phrase mouthed by theologians who do not see the wild discrepancies to this remark constantly expressed between and within nations all Over the world.

There is tremendous brainwashing and distortion of the human frame of reference brought about by Religious dogma. Archaic belief systems, animistic superstitions, advertisement themes designed to manipulate infantile desires and strategies to promote consumption of the ideals of nationalism are all part of this competitive process.

The promotion of warfare and consumerism to the highest degree seek to mesmerise and confuse millions of gullible minds all over the planet


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