The Planetary Seed

The planetary seed which has nurtured the pure chalice of the human soul now gives us the chance to rise above the maelstrom of the chaos we see all around us.

No external GOD can save us now– no gigantic messiah can raise us from the dead.

We are too far journeyed on. In the deep breathings of the earth moon swept tides and the solar storms of gigantic sunspot activity we transform in imaginal cells awaiting the silent rhymes of life to hatch us into a new realm.

The unimaginable power is here. The clues are all around us.

Is not the chaos in society, evidence of subtle shifts occurring?

We are nature and we are more than nature. We are subjects to a theatre which is playing itself out.

New technologies, social media, and nutrigenomics are not solving the gross human disparities on the planet.

The greatest unfulfilled potential on our planet is the human mind and yet we treat each other as commodities, collateral damage, data for economic rationalism and we even have human used by date categories of the over forties and there is the unemployed, the marginalised and refugees.

And still the greatest stumbling block to Unity is religion. Although they may all worship one God or devote themselves to an essence or an avatar they fight with each other blindly over dogmatic assertions with bleeding crusades.

Can I awaken from this impertinence and injustice we foster on each other? Can we not for once in 13 billion years of nurturing from our mother earth start to love each other as family oristhis too much for an overpopulated planet?

Anarchistic, activist, rebellious, freedom loving non-conformist pioneers — now is the time for us to reach out and change the event horizon.

For a black hole an event horizon -is a boundary in space time beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer- it is a point of no return.

We need to extend the boundary and break through it- and the time is now because the door is ajar.


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