The New Medicine


Posted on 27th January 2014

This is a time of initiation. It is our self-reflective consciousness and the perceptual choices we are capable of which gives us the ability to access the GOD field or enter the last frontier- the mind of GOD

We are beings of light endowed with enormous faculties of intelligence, intuition, vitality and creativity through the remarkable physical body we have and the tremendous capabilities of our, brain, heart and organ regulatory. systems including the gut.

We have a brain and coordinating centre in our gut called GALT and in our heart of which 50% is made up of neuronal cells

Each person on this planet is different as identified by their finger print and eye signature

Each person has tremendous capabilities and different kinds of intelligence

There are different minds of healing

We can identify three kinds of medicine

Biomedical medicine or allopathic medicine is based on the biomedical model. This model sees the body as a machine and is reductive in its analysis and treatment

Similarly the patient is classified as a disease .There is thousands of diseases in this diagnostic model and thousands of mental disorders in the psychiatric diagnostic DSM 4 classification of psychiatric disease

Diseases are seen as related to each other by diagnosis, This is why there are so many specialists. The diagnosis is based on a causation mainly based on external causes eg bacteria, viruses, toxins and trauma. Often pathology is the guiding prerequisite to diagnosis and treatment. Family  history and genes are seen as contributing causes to disease. Thus disease is often seen as genetically programmed. In conventional medicine, disease is not based on dysfunction of the relationship between the organ  systems.

A holistic approach to causation of disease is not included in the biomedical model . Illness is treated by powerful pharmaceutical chemicals The other modalities of treatment include surgical Intervention and chemotherapy and radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer

The Big Pharms companies with global profits of  trillions dollars per year  are in the top ten fortune companies .

Double blind trial is supposed to be the corner stone of effect of pharmaceuticals . Unfortunately trials which  are often selected  for publication only serve the profit  motives of Big Pharms and non-supportive trials of the same pharmaceutical product are withheld .

This problem was highlighted by the major medical Journals a few years ago

Allopathic medicine is wonderful for acute emergency medicine   When combined with other medical treatment modalities such as Era 2 medicine ( nutritional and environmental medicine ) and Era 3 medicine ( mind body and non-Local medicine ) it is much more effective, as treatment is then enhancing the optimal functioning  of the whole person – mind body and spirit simultaneously)

Functional and Mind  Body medicine  Era 2 medicine was described by Larry Dossey as mind body medicine . Era2 medicine  takes into account the mind as the cause of illness . The mind is located in the person whether it be brain or consciousness. This then gives significance to psychosomatic, placebo based and mind body medicine . However we now know that the mind  – brain connection works through an integration of process which can be called the psycho neuro immunological endocrine functioning of the whole system which works in an integrative way

In fact although Era1 2  3 medicine  categorised by Dr Larry Dossey has been a useful classification it sounds a bit like Cartesian dualism where there is  a separation between mind and body .Era 1  2 and 3 medicine are different aspects of the same medicine

Era 2 medicine should include functional Medicine as it takes into account the effect of the body on the brain as much as it understands the effect of  consciousness and brain on the body. It is very difficult to treat depression for example if the person is deficient in folic acid or B12 .It is difficult to prevent dementia if the person is toxic with mercury or has recurrent cerebral ischaemic episodes from atherosclerosis due to widespread inflammation in the body coupled with raised cholesterol .

Of course placebo response is very significant when it comes to the use of  antidepressants. Dr Herbart Benson Harvard Professor of Medicine says that placebo effect accounts to up to 60% of drug efficacy

Functional Medicine uses mind body medicine in terms of life style change and relaxation and meditation . This form of medicine moves imperceptibly into   if mind body medicine when patients use e.g. creative visualization to visualize away cancer cells

Functional Medicine  seeks to optimize function and wellness . It is more preventive in nature ,. It deals with the prevention and treatment of chronic disease  chronic looking triggers mediators and antecedents of the disease process .Functional send nutritional medicine is based on  the basic causes of all disease processes These are nutrition, malnutrition ,inflammation. Oxidation , detoxification and regulation Basically this deals  with the homeostatic or balancing mechanisms in the body and the way they can become out of synch

Non Local Healing and Bioenergetics Medicine is another name for Era 3 Medicine. Era 3 medicine is  also called non local Medicine or healing at a distance. However this is not a new concept as the ancient Rishi healers used thus as do people who  use prayer to access miracles from God for themselves or others .

There are also healers with special gifts who access the healing or God or Divine energy   Intercessory prayer should be an essential equipment for any Doctor Michael Balint the psychoanalyst  who founded the Balint Groups to enable doctors to understand the psychodynamic of doctor patient relationship said  the doctor is a therapeutic agent and all good Doctors have  that extra healing dimension or quality to them

To be a healer and Medical Doctor in a consulting room is to have a very rare quality.

Dr Dossey says that the Doctor should become eternal Doctors. An Eternal doctor reads the eternal human and puts  the patient in touch with their Soul and perfect healing blue print who has stepped into the mind of GOD

This is not a separation from other modalities but an all-inclusive integration of the seamless connection of mind Body Spirit  stepping into and through the event horizon of Humanity into the mind of GOD.


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