The neocortex has the same number of neurones as a galaxy has stars.


The synaptic connections are infinite

The human heart has an energy field which extends more than half of the human heart is our second brain and contains the same neuronal cells as the neocortex. It also emits a 5,000 times stronger electromagnetic field than the brain and is the seat of intuitive intelligence.

According to the Institute of Heart Math, “the heart and brain maintain a continuous two-way dialogue, each influencing the others functioning”

– “The heart produces by far the body’s most powerful rhythmic electromagnetic field, which can be detected 12 to 15 feet away by sensitive instruments”.

Research shows our heart’s field changes distinctly as we experience different emotions. It is registered in people’s brains around us and apparently is capable of affecting cells, water and DNA studied in vitro.

The Hearts’ torus electromagnetic field is radiates 12 to 15 feet around the body. All atoms emit the very same energetic torus field. Earth also emits its electromagnetic torus field as does the solar system and galaxies. It would seem that the torus is a holographic frequency spectrum where the minutest atom is a reflection of the total universe.

We have an energetic signature in our hearts which is the ultimate signature of the infinite universe.

Coherence of rhythm between heart and brain through neuronal, endocrine and electromagnetic connection creates clarity, wellness happiness and wisdom.

Human Beings are like chimeras. They contain the aspiration to enlightenment and the DNA that is almost the same as the rest of the animal and plant kingdoms .The Earthworm contains 98% of the same DNA we have. It is the 2% which makes the difference. Similarly 50% of plants have 50% of the DNA we possess.

As living things on this planet we have the same tendencies hidden within our psyches as plants .animals and bacteria. It is a layer of consciousness which connects us with the totality organism, animal and plant existence.

As we develop in the womb the foetus recapitulates the entire evolutionary history of our mother, Gaia or Planet Earth.

The expression is that ontogeny repeats phylogeny. This phrase originated with Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919) this means that as an embryo of an advanced organism grows, it will pass through stages that look very much like the adult phase of less-advanced organisms. Haeckel’s general concept that the developmental process reveals some clues about evolutionary history is true but not in detail.

We morph through phases of physical existence going through the earlier expressions of the developing planetary genome or seed starting13 billion years ago.

Our animal tendencies are what makes us Human and diabolical.

These are instinctual ties to our planetary mother made conscious by our large brains.

To fight or flee, to rise against the foe, to fight for our survival, to defend our children, to devour what we can and accumulate wealth at the expense of others, to be territorial and have control of others like the alpha male wolf and its pack, to possess women and rape and massacre in battle and compete and control — these are instinctual attributes which in the current global climate dominate our lives.

There is a way out of this impasse. It is not religion it is not science. It is not a new philosophy of human values.

Whether it be the frustration of cancer, the denial of love in a myocardial infarct , the rejection of life in a stroke , the upset of automatic negative thoughts{ ANTs}depression , anxiety, bipolar disorder or autism , the solution is found in entering the harmonious interface between ourselves and the universal mind of GOD ,The Creative Force.


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