Why do we have PR people and the experts in science and the placebo Effect. Humanity lives under the sway of a vast advertising campaign from everything from potato chips to McDonalds to the films we watch and the politics we follow

A political Campaign cannot function without the careful orchestration of spin doctors and media campaigns and power and control Is in the hands of policy Makers, bureaucrats, academics, captains of industry and the faceless power brokers who attempt to maintain a global balance through the manipulation of societal values through the mechanism of wars, the industrial Military complex and global food and energy production,

One of the key organizations is the Bilderberg group and the Skull and Cross Bones club. The emphasis is on conformity to economic values prescribed by the IMF and the World Bank The hierarchy flows down to the impoverished clothes factory worker in Bangladesh.

It is this unseen play of restriction on the ordinary citizen which denies our freedom and inheritance of our human unity and connectedness.

In our economic rational world, the university is subservient to research and development and economic success in a very competitive world, hungry for depleting resources.

The bright PhDs and graduates go into medicine, law, business and technology. They are sworn into an almost religious affiliation to their chosen professions. It is similar to the way a medical student is converted to the church of medicine where every patient is classified as a disease and is treated with pharmaceutical products which have enormous side effects and enormous price tags.

We have lost our humanity in the grades of human Production lines whether in professions or business or religion.

We have become or are becoming clones in an outmoded system of production and exploitation which has no respect for true human values or even truth itself
Religion is not the key
Belief systems are not the answer
Our belief systems also change when cultures and ways of living change whether you are born in the developed world or sub Saharan Africa
We cannot have little Indian children mutilating themselves in order to get more money as beggars on the streets of Calcutta
We cannot have Indian families aborting their female foetuses because they are females and cannot bring in eventual incomes.
We cannot have a raped Pakistani girl killed by her father as the rape brings disgrace on the family.
We cannot have the Taliban preventing women being educated in schools
We cannot have US drones indiscriminately destroying innocent Pakistani villagers.
We cannot have a renegade Syrian army destroying thousands of innocent citizens because the war is for the sole pursuit of an individual’s need for power and the lucrative supply of weapons to both sides.
We cannot have children dying in Africa from Infectious disease due to lack of sanitation.

The list goes on and on.

We have to take our power back and stand against the faceless ones, the system, and the abuse of human rights and the worst evils of organised religion.

Enough is enough.

Let us take the military licenses for the supply of arms worldwide and vast reserves of military technology and might and transform it into systems of repair and healing for humanity.

We Have to Get out of the box we have nailed over ourselves in the past 5000 years.


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