The Final Frontier


Posted on 30 November 2013

The final frontier is like walking a tightrope and hoping to cross safely

Or- is it finding you walking on a plank and find at the end of it there is a perilous drop and there is no way out. Is it a jump to death or do we fly And in that very moment do we not have the opportunity to transcend the limitations and sufferings of life and death or is it like the story of the Zen monk chased by a tiger. He swings himself on a vine over the edge of the precipice away from the tiger. Two mice start gnawing on the vine branch. Far below he sees another tiger waiting for him at the e bottom of the cliff. He plucks a strawberry near him and eats it. How delicious does the strawberry taste!

Life is delicious when we realize how precious each moment is. Is the tiger of death so menacing and are we so vulnerable?

The struggle is not with the actuality of life and death but with our perception of the event we perceive and create the realities in our minds which can be as real as the actual envisioned event our society globally constantly beams out the most horrendous awful nauseating images of Human suffering and death. Embedded journalists capture the deaths of thousands and the big word on the TV screens is death suffering and massacre.

It is a one way show and has the ability to engender unconscious fear in thousands and thousands of people who watch these expressions of human conflict It is a self-perpetuating grotesque drama played on a global stage We as people and global citizens have to take a stand and change these cruel Images and reflections if ourselves realizing that the majority of us are good caring people with human values based on respect for the sanctity of all of life.

What we see on the screens in our living rooms is a picture of ourselves which we have to change and transform realizing that life and death are a constant pattern of transcendent love and are not transfigured by disease or suffering or fear. The monk who savoured the strawberry in the moment knew that moment could last forever.


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