The Event Horizon

Posted on 18th January 2014


We are quantum waves on a quantum ocean or field of infinite possibility and potential. This quantum field has also been called zero point fields. It is the ultimate ground of creation from which all things manifest .It is bedrock but fluid as it is photonic and the basic light particles/waves with which the universal mind creates all living and non-living phenomena.

Is this field of light, consciousness?

We know that in quantum experiments the observer influences the result

Consciousness is light, vision, awareness, inspiration, feeling and wisdom. In this definition, consciousness is a state of being and awareness. However the consciousness of the zero point field is able to mould and create reality.

Near death experiences, out of body experiences, mystical states, prophetic utterances, hearing voices of GOD and channelling all express the power of the human mind to receive wisdom.

The challenge is how we integrate and use this wisdom for the benefit and wellbeing and happiness of our lives.

There is also a corollary to this.

This is our ability to effect positive tangible observable change in our environment using the energy of the zero point field.

Healers can do this. People who cure themselves from cancer can, and we can also see this in miracles. Psychokinesis, including spoon bending and remote viewing and ESP are also part of this genre.

Can we step into the mind of GOD where we transcend the” event horizon”?

In special relativity an event horizon is a boundary in space time beyond which events cannot effect an outside observer. It is in other words a point of no return

If we surmise the event horizon is like a separation between ourselves and the GOD mind then we note that the light from outside the” event horizon “within in which humanity is contained cannot be reached. However the key is the observer .Though we may believe and accept the inaccessibility of that which is within the boundary in fact the conjecture is that at a point of singularity, the event horizon so changes that it becomes accessible to the light

And this then becomes the doorway or entrance bringing a reality which fuses the polarity of God and Human, life and death, cosmos and earth or Gaia to a new time of reckoning

If we step into this gap and join the cosmos at this level, however vast and infinite it may be, we now become co-creators on a new level of synthesis and creativity.


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