The Essence of Love

Posted on 10 March 2014

Mist at Tone River

After centuries of manipulation and restriction, disempowerment and control by a minority of a global monetocracy we are now reclaiming our power

The essence is love .This love transcends past present and future. It is buried deep within every human being. It activates the plants to bud and flowers to bloom. It creates a matrix of life and existence. It is present in every tear that falls and in every drop of dew which shimmers on a lotus leaf. It is seen in the eyes of every child and in every moment which rushes by love transfigures and moves

It is seen from above as we cast ourselves above the blue pearl of planet earth gleaming sedately in the universal heartland.

Here from space all is connected as a seamless whole

This infinite blessing of life holds together with certainty, a promise made to Humanity so many aeons ago

We hear a faint voice calling like a subtle wake up morning call, to arise

So many times in our hearts and in great theological tomes and from celebrated emissaries we are called like a prelude to a great symphonic work to play our instruments in the orchestra and know the love which is all encompassing and enlivening?

We all come from one source, one father and one mother many, many years ago

We have been cherished and loved with extraordinary virtue

We have en masse been forgiven a multitude of times and seen as precious, beyond words, beyond belief and beyond existence itself

Our heritage is inscribed on a multitude of the books of life. We are holy. We are annotated in the Bible and the Sacred scriptures of the Old and New Testaments and the teachings of Yeshua . Our heritage is inscribed in the teachings of the Great Prophets of the Old Testament, of Enoch, Moses, David and Solomon, in The Talmud and The Torah and The Gnostic scrolls . It is inscribed in the great Buddhist Sutras, in the ancient Egyptian inscriptions, in the Vedic and Brahma, Sikh, Jainism and Sufi writings and in the teachings of LaoTze and Confucius.

We are expressed in great monuments and temples and on the star seeded heavens from which we come, birthed in galaxies and supernovae

There are so few of us on this planet compared to the number of stars in our Milky Way galaxy.

And still we forget our noble heritage our cosmic home and our deep connection with nature and all that is.


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