The Birth Right of All Humanity


Posted on 22nd Feb 2014

The news is full of sports success, murders, massacres, terrorism, credit ratings new technologies, failed love affairs and the latest statistics of burgeoning chronic disease.

We have to contend with this news and the rat race for competitive survival in a rational economic world.

Human values are hidden under a morass of religious dogma and a consumerist mentality where the consumer is priority if the business is to succeed

And the great human potential exponents encourage with mastery and forceful inclination the fact that we can all get that woman or man, achieve that goal and get that wonder house and trendy car

It is like a thin veneer of prowess and progress on a fragile veneer of so called certainty.

Looked at from a space station or space ship the planet earth is iridescently beautiful

Yet the thin veneer of the life – scape is itself covered by a thin covering of atmosphere which is then protective sheath on which all life depends to exist

We are Human Beings with finite bodies and infinite minds we are here as custodians of our beautiful and fragile planet

We only have to look at the design of a small leaf on a tree, the display of twigs and leaves on a branch of a tree and the kaleidoscopic symmetry of a snow flake to see the fearful symmetry of perfection

How can we retrieve that beauty and symmetry and harmony that is the birth right of all Humanity


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