Do the political structures of society encourage. Social innovation and creativity Do they stress human values and quality of life above economics?

Do we recognize the way the rational ordering of society imposes restriction on every rite of passage and life path every single individual travels

The Dogmas are vast and efficient
We accept war as a pathway to peace
We accept science as the fundamental route to truth despite the fact that as science develops old truths ate discarded into what is now into indeterminacy of quantum physics
We believe and accept the mass hypnosis of sensationalism and Fear promoted by the media
We accept illness as a manifestation of aging
We allow our bodies to be adversely affected by pharmaceutical drugs and poisoned by pollutant chemicals in the environment
We consume food everyday which has no real nutritional value
We are taught history and literature and mathematics at school which presupposes we as human beings have only been around in relative civilization for 10000 years
We are still taught in education the same ways as in ancient Rome
Success in education is based on the profit motif at the expense of anything else As children develop they lose gradually their creative capacity primed and trained as good swarm workers for industry whether in banks business technology insurance marketing health the stylised education model and the military industrial complex
The rational Ordering of society has health insurance, mortgages, marriage, funeral services and the hospital bed
It expresses the profit motive as an idolized version of the good life as jet setting holidays and five star hotels and a big house and nice car without any real underlying value system
And one in four people are depressed, there is an enormous increase in incidence of cardiovascular disease, cancer diabetes stroke and dementia and the greatest cause of death greater than all the above in America is all forms of medical treatment

People are mainly passive spectators and consumers of information, technology, media and foods without realising they are being restricted and conditioned like cattle which are branded before their passing in funeral parlours

And we allow crazy spin doctors and self-important power hungry politicians and presidents to maintain their nationalistic conformist deluded followers at the expense of a humane world of unity within diversity

We need to take a stand
We are taught to believe in science that we are large brained animals who have evolved through random mutation where the law is the survival Of the fittest

In Religion we are given instruction to believe in GOD
In the Monotheism of Judaism, Christianity and Islam GOD created the world in 7 days
Belief and faith are the prerogatives of Religion

Science is meant to be the hard real facts that we are intelligent animals with large brains and the temporal lobe is there to enable us to conceive a spiritual dimension of comfort in a world of suffering

So where do we go from here?

We have been deceived
We have deceived ourselves
We have to break out of the restrictions of conformity and be free

Take a stand


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