So what is behind the reflective capacities of our brains

So what is behind the reflective capacities of our brains

So what is behind the reflective capacities of our brains What is the function of the neo cortex which is the part of our brain which has been with us for only 200,000 years?

Seemingly separate from each other our skin encapsulated bodies are all connected by subtle energetic processes that link us in myriad unseen ways

If one person awakens, it affects every other person in the Human race and every atom in the universe

The gap is small.
It is like finding a small cave entrance in a dense wood and as we enter through the gap ,we are astounded to see the total universe before our eyes teaming with stars and. Galaxies

It is like taking a psychedelic trip without the drug, as we are mesmerized by soul stirring music equipped with the beauty of nature on a warm midsummers day where all the trees are gently caressed by a warm Summer breeze , the sky is a deep infinite blue and a rushing stream percolates down a gentle water fall on a perimeter of burnished rocks . Above the 100 meter trees ,discernible as a faint silhouette ,against the backdrop of the azure sky is a mountain so high that it takes your breath away.

Undefinable, hard to see but graspable with our Being,we are at this juncture point.

Awakening to the silent breathing of nature, the subtle
rhythms of the seasons, the vast flows of nature`s secrets , in the moon ,stars and Sun, the feminine glow of a full harvest moon, the ebb and flow of the tides, the subtle rhythms of the functioning of our bodies ,the oscillation of the stock markets, the subtle sound of planet earth ,The heartbeat of the Earth as the Schumann resonance — We are surrounded by the rhythmic glows and intensities in the nature of our voices and words we use and the expression of the human soul in music ,song, poetry ,prose and laughter

We are no longer bound ,tied and restricted to old materialistic dogma .Science changes as the old purveyors of scientific truth die out

Science is inextricably bound by the observer, the experimenter and the interpretation of the results.

The medical Journals are replete with evidence based information on the efficacy of vitamins and nutritional supplements and main stream Medicine ignores them

Double blind trials on ESP, remote viewing ,psychokinesis and psychic healing are more robust than medical trials and are ignored

The effect of perception on effecting change on DNA is widely recognized as epigenesis and is not widely known

Coherence between brain and heart creates change in DNA

Are these not signs of the bifurcation point — the signs that our Birthing to a new recognition of whom we are is upon us?


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