Our Source of Being And Our Reason For Being

Posted on 29th April 2014



How do we get away and free ourselves from the brain washing of society We are not allowed to be ourselves There is always some person, some institution, some church however considerate which enhances political correctness–political correctness, the idea that there is only one truth and that what we believe in our insular communities, whether academic or other, is equivalent to immutable knowledge..  The societal collective which impinges on us can often be restrictive and obstructive

The monologues of various great books, the talks of great orators are only made alive by the vitality imbued in then

We as a species seem to restrict ourselves with conceptions which break us away from reality And we are very easily brain synchronised by the informational systems around us Where is our truth, our essence our source of Being and our reason for Being? It is this search which may seem to elude us life time after life time

In the mean time we do not and cannot exist in a vacuum How do I know who I am if I have not my parents ,my teacher, my professor ,my friends ,my partner, my family , my children, my work colleagues , my Doctor, my psychologist , my healer to reflect me

And often even they do not give me the true picture and yet I am a product of the society from which I come and to extricate myself from this kaleidoscopic affair makes me an outsider.

And yet I can say do not listen to the mouths of self proclaimed masters or philosophers , Prophets or Avatars for once their words are written  down they are distorted and institutionalised by the very people who would magnify their praises

What are we to do. The map is not the territory and the territory is unknown We are as light Beings. We are living crystal Piezoelectric bio transducers

Our Galactic body of creation controls it’s Renewal  functions through axiotonal Lines  resonating star systems

 They combine colour and sound and come from fifth dimension. This creates positive changes in messenger RNA which creates changes in the light grids around the cells creating cellular re genesis .( the Book of Enoch by Dr JJ Hurtak)

What this is saying is that on a higher transformational level we are able to access our eternal divine heritage through awareness of our energy body which extends from local to non local and from earthly to galactic to Infinity

Each of us is a walking star field energised by the same processes which create star fields

The axiotonal lines is an example of a subtle patterning of our cosmic extended light body which is as coextensive as the universe and  is a cartography of our extended relationship with the mind of GOD

How do we heal ourselves and breathe and love and intertwine and relate to the total cosmic body of our birth right, our cosmic mother which nurtures and loves us?

Doctors are brain washed by the Church of medicine. The profits of Big Pharma   exceed the profits of the global military industrial complex and oil companies combined. Big Pharma is the controlling interest behind medicine, biotechnology and agribusiness

Medical treatment causes more   morbidity and mortality than the combined effects of cancer and cardiovascular disease. It is the major cause of mortality and morbidity in the World despite having, many positive effects especially   in acute medicine. A major problem lies in the treatment and management of chronic illness and the ageing process.

Unless we understand and apply other modalities for healing we will end up with a chronically Ill dementing aging population and premature illnesses in children of autism ADHD obesity, diabetes, depression, and atherosclerosis .

We need to understand a radically new way of healing which is based on the true nature of the Human Being

Our current biomedical model stems from the scientific premise that human Beings are biological machines and that we only have to change or enhance the parts to make the machine better. In Victorian times children were seen as mini adults and even now we make little distinction as to the nature of the human  being we are treating

Everything is to be rectified by changing the smallest parts of the clockwork human biological machine or to eliminate the symptoms of a diagnosed problem when the cause is not really known

Thus we have all kinds of chemical tablets such as antidepressants, anti cancer drugs, anti inflammatories, antibiotics, antiviral drugs, antihistamines etc There are enormous side effects with all the drugs available and they are mainly chemical based

Thus the history of Modern medicine and Big Pharma is seen in the Rockefeller domination of world oil and the chemical Industry, a major by product of the need for petroleum derivatives during and after the Second World War

We still cannot get away from this medieval domination of the body and mind of human by the historical artefacts of the clockwork human machine and the drug chemicals which are used to control and often poison it

This domination of world economy as a controlling  paradigm completely screens us away from the truth about whom we really are

The truth also helps to heal us

There are various levels to healing ourselves We have already discussed  approaches to healing looking at Dr Larry Dossey and his Era1,3 and3 approaches and also a more integral approach where we see that the allopathic (drug chemical) , nutritional / mind body and non local – bio energetic approaches are all interlinked and can be mutually supportive

A more detailed analysis and approach would also look at the following parameters

1- biological

2- body electric

3-mental/ belief/ morphogenic  field

Esoteric definition – astral and mental bodies

4- unconscious field/ morphogenic  field — contains past lives , archetypal consciousness  and instinctual  patterning and blueprint of perfect being which reaches through The Soul to The mind of GOD or universe

 Esoteric definition- Causal Body-kamic blue print

 5-Awakened consciousness, Soul consciousness, Enlightened consciousness This is and should be our natural state of Being whereby we experience the freedom and truth of total expression and creativity and is our deep Connection with the mind of GOD


The drug cartel of big Pharma was produced by Rockefeller who in the early 20th century had the monopoly of all the World’s oil reserves . He realised that after distillation of the crude oil into the essential Fuels for the internal  combustion engines and aeroplanes ,the other fractions were also extremely useful and were made into a variety of chemicals including chemical pharmaceutical drugs

Thus came the monopoly of Big Pharma a spin off from oil refining companies eg Bayer  corporation  which was part of IG Farben, a German chemical company conglomerate. During World War II,   IG Farben used slave labor in factories attached to large slave labor camps, notably the sub-camps of the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp. Farben owned 42.5% of the company that manufactured Zyklon B, a chemical used in the gas chambers of Auschwitz and other extermination camps. After World War II, the Allies broke up IG Farben and Bayer reappeared as an individual business. The Bayer executive Fritz ter Meer, sentenced to seven years in prison by the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, was made head of the supervisory board of Bayer in 1956, after his release.

Prescott Bush grandfather of George Bush former head of the  CIA and US President owned IG-Farben one of the biggest chemical companies in Germany. Here in the USA Bush developed Zyklon-B

Fossil fuels through distillation and chemical fractionation produce an enormous diversity of products These include Gaseous fuels and Liquid fuels blending (producing automotive and aviation grades of gasoline, kerosene, various aviation turbine fuels, and also  dyes, detergents, antiknock additives, oxygenates, and anti-fungal compounds –Ship aviation jet Lubricants (produces light machine oils, motor oils, and greases, — Wax (paraffin), used in the packaging of frozen foods, — Sulfur, by product of sulfur removal from petroleum, which contain   organosulfur compounds. –Bulk tar for use in tar-and-gravel roofing or similar uses.—Asphalt – used as a binder for gravel to form asphalt concrete, which is used for paving roads, lots,— Petroleum coke, used in specialty carbon products such as certain types of electrodes, or as solid fuel.–Petrochemicals or petrochemical feedstocks.

Petrochemical are organic compounds that are the ingredients for the chemical industry, ranging from polymers and pharmaceuticals

Over 6000 items are made from petroleum waste by-products including: Fertilizer, Linoleum, Perfume, Insecticide, Petroleum Jelly, Soap, and Vitamin Capsules.

Pharmaceuticals are typically large organic molecules. Large organic molecules are built by starting with small organic molecules which are obtained from refined petroleum


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