Levels of Consciousness

Published on 14th Nov 2013

Dr David Hawkins has calibrated the vibrations or energies of different bibles and religions and spiritual paths He says the highest vibration on the planet which can be held by a Human Being is 1000. Philosophy and intellect is about 400

When the spiritual element comes into the picture then the logarithmic intensity increases. It is the high vibration which is the mark of enlightenment Thus, he calibrated Jesus Christ as 1000 and GOD as immeasurable or infinite He is measuring the intensity of the ocean or field of awakening

We need to immerse ourselves in this ocean gradually We need to have compassion and love for ourselves and cherish and nurture every part of our living breathing sentient body  and  brain with the perception of our essential self or soul.

We have our karma and our memories our nostalgia and our lives and emotional traumas .They are all there from the distant past to the distant future. We are within absolute context whole and complete aligning with the perfection of DNA which gave forth Homo Sapiens and the neo cortex 100000 years ago.

Let the gentle waves of the doughnut shaped Torus of our heart lap around us ebbing and flowing between our minds and heads and our core heart creating   a gentle carress about our Being.

Let us allow out truth, our essence to nurture our totality as we advance and gently step into the cosmic ocean of infinite vibrations.




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