Let us step out of the conformity

Posted on 9th December


Let us step out of the conformity, political correctness, and brain washing of a confused global society

People seem not to be able to change entrenched ways of thinking and ingrained habits

Even the form of parental upbringing, the ways of school education, and the dialogue at work place, the diagnostic classification of illnesses and artistic and musical styles are conformist to the dictates of global a culture which is now westernized with technologies of transport and communication and infrastructure

People are in a matrix of conformity. They are stratified and numbered and processed through electronic data.  Life is becoming silicon.  Ray Kuzweil, director of engineering at Google, looks to the not so future date, when our lives will be extended and immortalized through our inextricable connection with artificial intelligence. According to Moore`s law relating to computers,  computing power doubles every two years to the date at which we reach singularity when the power of the computer exceeds the capability of the human brain

Can we stretch our capabilities as human Beings and become partners in co creation with the GOD force .Can we, as activists repattern human society based on cooperation, love and creative sustainable technology

We need new values which are real, transcend all Belief   systems and are all Inclusive in a living vital Universe

We need to open up the dormant super faculties of the human being and the human soul.


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