Let us explore the new reality

Let us explore the new reality


Posted on 5th December 2013

It goes beyond our thoughts and constructions. It is within the very foundations of our innocence and naively reaches back to Infancy, to our embryonic life and to the formative influences on growth and maturation as we developed in the womb.

Born with separation and loss from a primal embracing ocean of amnesic conversion from chrysalis to Human our past lives fall like sparkling jewels away from our mooring launched into the Human constructed world of crying and sucking ,vulnerable and helpless we had become  an  amorphous bundle.

There is enormous reshaping of the brain in the infancy period –At the age of 3, children`s brains have approximately 1,000 trillion synapses, many more than they will ever need. Some of these synapses are strengthened and remain intact, but many are gradually discarded.

The mirrors of age reflect the blanket of infancy and yet the openness of the child is a giant conduit to the universal essence of the unspoken silent Voice of GOD and the universe.

The act of creation is always occurring. It is the active untold potential of GOD.

From a silent seed of energetic potential the essence become manifest. The dormant skill or genius in every human Being, the creative flow of Mozart, the AHA moment of Edgar Michell lunar modules pilot – Apollo 14 the great works of Shakespeare and renaissance period of art literature and sculpture in Italy and Venice all arise from a Divine overflow or effulgence within the heart of an individual creating. Further stepping stones into the mind of GOD.

Will we awake and when will we awake– beyond Religion beyond Dogma – beyond belief – beyond thought and break the barriers of preconception.

The great images of Jesus ,Mary ,  the great Saints and Yogis  express an imminence of holiness as do the great manuscripts of the great spiritual traditions whether they are the Bible, the Torah, the Talmud, the Koran, the Lotus Surea andcthev rig  Veda.

They are all sign posts to a reality without words, without beliefs, without dogma without end.

Now is the time to breathe the expanse of infinite existence and celebrate with the imminence of joy and tears. 

We tear the fabric of our electronic existence apart and step into the imminence of nature, the out pouring of the galactic stars , the great breaths and ebbs and flows of galaxies and the life of the universe.


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