Human kind is now at that critical point where the spontaneous emergence of a new form of order is emerging.





Published on 18 November 2013



In spiral dynamics human beings on a deeper level adapt to the changing nature if their environment and circumstances by constructing more complex models of adaption

There is always the opportunity for regression

Ilya Prigogine is known best due to his definition of dissipative structures and their role in thermodynamic systems far from equilibrium, a discovery that won him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1977.

A dissipative structure is an open system that maintains itself in state far from equilibrium. The dynamics of a dissipative structure specifically includes the spontaneous emergence of new forms  of order at points of instability.

This point can be called The Moment of Truth which in chaos/order theory,  is called the “bifurcation point.”

This is the point of “overwhelm”; the point or moment of truth in which the body either breaks down, (i.e. manifests disease), or moves towards better health; elevating the body to a higher level of order.

Humankind is now at that critical point where the spontaneous emergence of a new form of order is emerging. This new form is the groundwork and essence of consciousness which impels us to review our nature and the nature of all of life seeing it as an inextricable relationship between consciousness and all phenomena.

Whether we can advance into this new world is based on a complete change in the way we view ourselves

In spiral dynamics more adaptive individual and collective intelligences occur within societies which enable adaptation to more complex problems faced

There are world view memes or codes in spiral dynamics formulated by Don Beck. The higher turns of the spiral eg level 7 ecological or Lecel. 8 Holistic are at the leading edge and lead towards Second-tier thinking: 1% of the population, 5% of the power.

With only 1 percent of the population at second-tier thinking (and only 0.1 percent at turquoise), second-tier consciousness is relatively rare because it is now the “leading-edge” of collective human evolution. (Quote Ken Wilbur)

When we look at this cartography of existence we have to ask ourselves If most of humanity is still on survival mode and bound by the lower levels of the spirals how can the   integral conscious all-embracing second tier spiral have any effect on creating World peace

On spiral dynamics world view classification

Level 1 beige is based on survival Needs

Level 2 purple is animistic with tribes and rituals and superstitions

Level 3 red Based in Empire conquest arrogance power

Level 4 blue Morality meaning forceful authority

Level 5 orange Strategic thinking success materialism

Level 6 green egalitarian; feelings; authentic; sharing; caring; community

Level 7 yellow Ecological natural systems; self-principle; multiple realities; knowledge

Level 8 turquoise Whole View Holistic collective individualism; cosmic spirituality;

pic 3

The consensus of the key protagonists of these concepts or memes see the various levels as often being antagonistic towards each other .Scientific reductionist analysis sees  second tier concepts of wholism and inclusiveness as being subjective and without objective reality

Red exploitative blue authoritarian 30 and orange   authoritarian levels make up the Majority of Memes in our global society

They represent the levels of so called democracy apparent in Nation states and are severely resistant to change according to the protagonists. The various levels are said to be anathema to one another and change can only occur by a dialogue which occurs on their level. Change occurs slowly and second tier concepts are generally looked upon as flakey or in the lower spiral levels as authoritarian

This vision of everything in the world encompassing it I and we in a theory of everything by ken wilbur sees them overriding presence of consciousness which is denied it’s full Enlightened significance as humanity. Is restrained by a form of recidivism perpetuated from One generation to the next

They say it is a slow progression

The protagonists of these theories are more intellectuals than spiritual Masters and their conclusions seem to accept and maintain the status quo

The parlous state of the world seems almost justified by a theory which presupposes a gradual shift to higher order civilisations


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