Human Beings are Beings of Light


Posted on 25th January 2014

Human Beings are like radios or computers receiving down loads There are different channels we can tune into when we re late to the energetic signals of people and environments around us. The energetic information is what maintains the vitality and well being of the physiological functioning of our body.

Some down loads are hard wired into the system Thus a lot of our physiological functioning is common to the animal kingdom as are biochemical pathways The functioning of our genes is dependent on receptors on the surface of our cells of which there are one hundred trillion in the human .Body Bruce Lipton has revolutionised our thinking about the Human cell, DNA  and the human  genome

Kyoto University has measured the light emitted by the body and this is 1000 times less intense than what the naked eye sees

The Biophoton emissions were discovered by Fritz Allen Popp in 1974

The biophotons originate from the DNA  which vibrates at several billion hertz per sec .One single  biophoton can carry more than 4 megabytes information and relays this to the light field around the body

This information Is bidirectional and crosses between DNA and the biofield   which contains all information about the person`s health. The light field regulates the activity of the metabolic enzymes.

The bio photons broadcast back to the cells and are conducted as a quantum field through micro tubules in and around the cells

In the theory of Bruce Lipton the cells receive information on receptor sites on the cells. The information can be internal eg hormonal or external eg toxins, electromagnetic impulses and also energy or chi which is carried subtly from the environment and spiritual realm

The receptivity is based on the perception of the receiver human Being

The body is composed of protein which is what cells are composed of .In relation to each other the proteins in the cells shape shift due to the effect of hormones, enzymatic effects and electromagnetic  effects .

The human body contains only 1500 more genes than a spineless microscopic worm

It is external factors and how we perceive things, which effect the genes to create 2000 or more variations of proteins from the same gene blue print

Effector and receptor proteins on the surface of cells act as switches which translate environmental stimuli into cellular behaviour.

Receptor proteins on the cells, can read energy fields.

When we combine the work of Popp with that of Bruce Lipton we see how subtle information in the form of bio photons can feed back to the DNA photonic vibration which then via RNA encodes a specific protein in the cell.

The DNA is a vibratory oscillatory system impacted by brain, heart and internal regulatory metabolic chemicals and hormones and photonic vibrational sequences from the body’s surrounding light field as well as spiritual photonic vibrations.

The act of perception and belief, effects the potency of such perception and receptivity.

Human Beings are receivers of information, transducers and transmitters.


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