How does the Voice of the Divine talk to Us

god  Posted on 19th May

How does the  voice of the divine talk to us? Is it through words colors sounds music images Do I receivers messages like channeling or is it more than that Perhaps it is a going home After all our totality body Mind soul is a contextual Unity which is embraced by the perfect blueprint which has sustained us over many many aeons. In the field which surrounds is us all the knowing and creativity which is particularly me and you and  your field of existence

The karmic accretions of misdeeds and imbalances caused by us is expressed in the laws of cause and effect and what we do.The karmic accretions are expressed in all the great spiritual truths and religions   like weeds and undergrowth in a divinely inspired forest which try and prevent the flourishing of the trees

The light of truth and our connection with who  we really are can be seen as we  clear away the under growths  of many many past lives and incarnations

This new incarnation that we are  seems to arise from stony ground

In the Waste land  written in 1922 TS Eliot says  What are  the roots that clutch  What branches grow Out  of this stony rubbish? Son of man

At the time Eliot was suffering from an ambiguity of love regarding his wife, Vivienne, and was recovering from a nervous ailment of anxiety The  whole continent of Europe was emerging from the wreckage of WW1

Similarly ,We tread on stony ground. Our hearts are rendered immune to the crises around us. There is too much to feel and to take in. We are swamped literally with news and crises day by day.Murders, lives lost thousands killed in Syria and Iraq , the burgeoning load of global chronic illness and dementia — anyway–who wants to know in this world of uncertainty rendered into a false bouquet of electronic media , social media, fast transport and glamour consumerism.

Can we sprout and clear away the dross and rancour which spills through the cracks of the stone walls and cement floors

Are we beginning to recover from a long illness of subterfuge and suppression of the human spirit?

After 2 world wars we still contend with crises in the Middle East ,terrorism, Global drug cartels , human slavery and child slavery in India and the war against nature as our ecological footprint destroys the pristine biodiversity of mother Earth.

Stony ground ? Can we weep tears at the injustice we place on ourselves the errors of our damaged brains ,the stupidity if our ways of thinking ,conflicts  between husbands and wives  , domestic violence, the marginalization of the unemployed,  unwanted elderly and refugees

Can we not correct the unacknowledged fears , the fear of death itself and the separation from nature ourselves and GOD him/ herself?

We have never been alone and yet day in and day out we cling to our separation and differences our prejudices and judgement, our search for control and wealth above all else. We have  become Homo electronicus and Homo economicus .Our  desires and wants are subsumed under the categories of digital intelligence and economic rationalism.

If only we could awaken one day and realise that it is all OK— That the unending rhythmic flow of life and vital energy pouring through our brains minds hearts and bodies , the rhythmic song and beat of nature herself ,consistently protects nurtures and loves us even if we have not yet learnt to love ourselves.


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