Existence is the creative essence of all

Existence is the creative essence of all

Life is sacred–Life is the province of existence–Existence is wondrous


Posted on 23rd April

If human consciousness can perceive, intuitively grasp, cognitively know, philosophically interpret, mathematically calculate and creatively explore the truth and ultimate reality and principle at the heart of the universe, then we are infinitely capable of self-realisation and enlightenment

The multiverse, the ten dimensional reality of string theory, and our ability to quantise information with our Beings and collapse possibilities into reality show we are far in excess to which we think we are.

Information is the glue which calibrates the universe and brings us together as Human Beings

We are Beings with finite bodies and infinite minds

This is the key to Tran’s dimensional and conscious communication with the living Universe

In ancient literature there is a cartography of the ultimate Truth and Principle,  Universal infinite Intelligence, the  GOD Head, universal GOD Energy, Universal  forces, Avatars  and Angelic Beings

In every earth based planetary Religion and Spiritual  teaching are portrayed supernatural and supernormal Beings

The essence of all the major religions is taken up with the imminence of GOD in the   mind in the sense that GOD speaks as a voice directly to the Prophet .In the case of Buddha ,Yogis or Rishis there is a deep introspection to oneness where there is an experience  of past present and future in the infinite moment.

Stanislavsky Grof said THAT in an altered state of consciousness we can become the great Goddess or the Great Mother hidden in the archetypes of the Akashic  records., Jung saw beyond the archetypal symbols which obstruct or enhance our journey to the true self or Soul to an unsullied pure place from which the archetypes form . In Buddhism this place of storehouse of archetypes is also seen as the store house of karma carried from one life to the next the encompassing ninth consciousness is called the Amala consciousness and is the unblemished purity of the true self

This  pure essence of self runs through our veins arteries and hearts and minds as sure as the great oceans of the planet Earth purify the pollutants and toxins and the great forests of the planet create balance and harmony in the environment where by everything maintains itself for the benefit of everything else

In fact we are there already.—One complete Being!

This essence is the great flow to the heart and core of everything and nothingness. It is neither existence nor nonexistence and encompasses    them both– called the middle way in Buddhism and expressed philosophically as the tetra lemma

Life is sacred

Life is the province of existence

Existence is wondrous

Existence is the creative essence of all

If terrorists suicide bomb themselves and others for the sake of Allah or young men line up in their thousands to fight a patriotic war driven by a sense of patriotism and duty so they can kill bomb and maim each other and create collateral damage in destroying thousands of civilian men women babies and children — this is an act of rebellion and vengeance against the life essence itself. These acts of negating the existential manifestation of life create toxins and poison in the individual and collective subtle bodies of the perpetrators

This is why humanity suffers now

We need to clear ourselves of our own self-perpetuating disasters in our own selves

The Eastern spiritual traditions understand the notion of karma. The western religious traditions ask for Yeshua the son of GOD to redeem them

The Eastern traditions say seek your salvation within and within your heart which basically is what all the religions are saying in their own way.

Laurens van der Post in his essay called Witness to a Last Will of Man mentions his discussion with   the famous Psychoanalyst Carl Jung, about Bushman stories and “his belief that whole civilizations had been destroyed because their stories had been taken away from them by the intrusion of a physically powerful and alien culture”.

He says “At the end of an account still fresh because I had just come from the Kalahari Desert, Jung nodded his fine white head as the wind released a far-off refrain among the leaves of the trees he had planted as a young man at Bellingen, because they were living and viable thoughts of God to him. He went on, in that deep bass voice of his, to tell me at great length, how his work as a healer did not take wing — the metaphor is mine — until he realized that the key to the human personality was its story. Every human being at core, he held, had a unique story and no man could discover his greatest meaning unless he lived and, as it were, grew his own story. Should he lose his story or fail to live it, he lost his meaning, became disorientated, the collective fodder of tyrants and despots, or ended up, as so many did, alienated and out of their own minds, as had the patients in the Burghölzli Asylum

Laurens van der Posts’   essay, “Witness to a Last Will of Man”, expresses the core of his life-long involvement with and appreciation of “First Man” as he was privileged to know, and be a principle chronicler of, the Kalahari Bushmen — remnants of “stone age man” still living as they had for tens of thousands of years when Laurens was born in southern Africa in 1906. These human roots exist within all of us still:

First man, as I knew him and his history, was a remarkably gentle being, fierce only in defence of himself and the life of those in his keeping. He had no legends or stories of great wars among his own kind and regarded the killing of another human being except in self-defence as the ultimate depravity of his spirit.

 I was told a most moving story of how a skirmish between two clans in which just one man was killed on a long forgotten day of dust and heat and sulphur sun, caused them to renounce armed conflict forever.

He was living proof to me of how the pattern of the individual in service of a self that is the manifestation of the divine in man was built into life at the beginning and will not leave him and the earth alone until it is fulfilled. It is no mere intellectual or ideological concept, however much that, too, may be needed, but a primary condition written into the contract of life with the creator.

The exoteric aspects of Religion are found in the institutions of the Churches and Temples. People are taught to believe certain essential doctrines for example when you die you will go to heaven or hell or Jesus Christ will save you if you believe and pray to him. In Judaism the basis is an external GOD who blesses or punishes. In Judaism the messiah is still to come. In Christianity Jesus or Yeshua is the messiah In Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism the Priesthood are at a higher ranking than the layman and for example if the Sun is the Buddha state then the earth circling the sun is the priesthood and the laity are the moon circling the Earth Consistently in organised Religion there is a hierarchy which is sacrosanct and going against it means you slander can be excommunicated or cannot be saved

The esoteric aspects of religion become spiritual paths and are the way of the seeker for truth This is truth which is not the Dogma which society has to  offer but the experience of the imminence of grace or Samadhi which defies ordinary experience


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