Every 20 sec a child dies from vaccine preventable disease.

Every 20 sec a child dies from vaccine preventable disease.
Most of our seven billion human beings—- 60 percent—-live in Asia, with Africa the second most populous region, followed by Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, and Oceania. About 96 percent of the growth is occurring in developing countries, with Asia accounting for 54 per cent of that growth (World Watch )

Every 20 sec a child dies from vaccine preventable disease.
Every30 seconds an African child dies from Malaria
Every year 11 million children die mostly under the age of five mainly from preventable disease

2.5 billion People live on less that $2 / day
Globally 114 million children do not even get a basic education and over forty precent of the world`s population do not have basic sanitation
There are 252 worldwide births per minute .There are approximately 131.4 million births/ year. Of these about 10% die before the age of five

What an Enormous waste of genius and creativity!!!

For even a fraction of the costs of the war effort of the military industrial complex of 1 Trillion dollars a year globally, a new literate, healthy, global Population could be built with the innovation, creativity and consciousness to enhance our survival and wellbeing and happiness

In those lost millions of children may have been geniuses and Einsteins and Healers and Statesmen who could have solved the complex problems that we face as a global humanity

We are built on scrap heaps of used by date waste. Even the computers we use, the cars we drive, the air we breathe, the water we drink and take for granted are all running out and disappearing before our eyes

The rapid heating of the planet causes certain countries to become drier complete with powerful storms, destructive flooding and intense heat waves.
At the same time falling water tables, shrinking harvests and soil erosion and expanding deserts mean our lives are at risk globally

The water we take for granted is becoming a scarce commodity .Without water we die.65 % of the human body is made of water.

Yet the aquifers of major countries are becoming heavily depleted and grain harvests are shrinking as US India and China come close to peak water

So now is the time to step into the gap – the sweet space between one in breath and the next out breath

Now we have this short period to explore the final frontier before it is too late – and that is the mind of God


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