Change by incremental or domain shift?


We can map the state of  the world and wring our hands at the dreadful situations- the climate change the overheating planet- the inequity- the poverty- the fights and conflicts between cultures and religions and just see it as part of a natural teething process for humanity as we evolve to higher levels . Is there incremental change as we evolve from one rung of the spiral to the next and as we stay with our spiritual master or Guru for many years? Or can we have that mystical Aha moment which creates instant domain shift of consciousness?

The truth is that we are not propelled by Darwinian survival of the fittest or adaptations to a changing environment.

We are more capable and more agile than this. Evolution also occurs in great domain shifts as one species suddenly appears from out of the blue it. This especially applies to Cro Magnon man who appeared 100-200000 years ago with a highly developed neo cortex. At the same time he cohabited with other homo species including Neanderthal and Homo floresiensis dated to have lived between 95,000 and 17,000 years ago. Neanderthal man died out about 46000 years ago.

We act on our environment as nature acts on us. Our conscious evolution can happen in a moment. A sudden AHA moment can change a person`s life going from a survival competitive mode of orange entrepreneurial level to an  all-encompassing mode of compassion and love for all humanity== as force example in near death experiences.

As human beings we weave in and out of life states of sadness to hunger to arrogance to compassion from moment to moment affected by and also acting on our social and living and nonliving environment

We tend also to be chameleons and also when focussed and empowered by the deepest soul aspects of our beingness, we can achieve the impossible.

What seems not to be explored or expressed in metaphysical and transpersonal psychological writings, is the innate living consciousness on the living universe which is called in this book the mind of GOD


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