Be the Change

How to be oneself unfettered by the brain washing of society and the so called spiritual masters and theocrats.

We live in a world of conformity. It is a world society which is birthing itself.

My experience has shown me that even the most enlightened of spiritual masters on this planet is no substitute for our innate connexion with the infinite.

People whoever they May be from your close friends and family to mentors and masters and educational Pedagogues will treat themselves as having found the truth and already know it better than you.

The Society of humanity is full of these people who claim authority divine power mastery superior intellect. Superior drive great creativity so that we think that they are the gifted and skilled ones They are the ones with the direct pathway to GOD And there are indeed  many hallowed names- some so hallowed and revered that to mention them in any way which does not fit their assumed status can be punished by death in certain countries.

However we do not wish to cast aspersions on any genius or spiritual avatar.

I only wish to say that that there is more stars of incandescent light in our small Galaxy than there are human Beings on this small planet.

We are so seemingly insignificant that all the DNA of all the humans on this planet could be packed into one tear drop or one dew drop quivering on a lotus leaf in the early Morning sun. And yet we see not what is before our eyes as it is do close we forget it is even there.

We search for the professors, the masters the experts in the field to save us from our disease and misery.

We plead on our knees and ask for forgiveness. We attend churches for grace and schools for education and our friends and families feed us with the staple food of conformity.

Like the Hawaiians who could not perceive the tall Boats of captain Cook arising on the island horizons we cannot perceive within ourselves the amazing Beauty and perfection which reflects the macrocosm.

It is a new search which we are pioneering. An exploration which is into the unknown.

There are so many societies, communities, groups, sects, religious groups ,organizations, social Media groups, churches, temples, professions and class of people to join which can enhance ones identity and belonging in society.

What happens if you have one foot in the house and one foot keeping the door open?

We all need to Come into our own power – our birth right and say the long hard journey is over. The long night of our evolution is apace and now there is that small time gap through which to jump.

Only now after 13 billion years of growth has our planet given us the chance to go home.


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