Are we in a world that cares?


Posted on 12th December 2013

Does Homo electronics have emotions, feelings ,a heart and compassion?

Is there a connection, a sense of companionship in shop queues, a, bonhomie amongst train passengers, a genuine feeling that the Bank teller or Bank Manager really cares?

Émile Durkheim, the famous French sociologist, assumed that humans are inherently egotistic but norms, beliefs and values and collective consciousness form the basis of society resulting in social integration.  We are emotionally bound to culture

In the 1890’s, he coined the phrase, anomie or alienation .We are indeed living in a global society of anomie and lack integration as values and belief systems break down with the rise of the collective as evidenced by new rapid forms of communication and the social media

As a global society we are trying to find ourselves again as the old societal structures, religious values and beliefs, and the work ethic conflict with freedom of expression no matter what the end game, is whether it is pornography or selling orphan babies to childless families on Pakistani TV or building the beef commodity by torturing cows in feed lots.

The anomie is all around us. Satiated on a diet of brain washing from the major media outlets, people look to their I phones and lap tops rather than talk meaningfully to each other.


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