All phenomena are contained within one’s life

Human Beings contain the whole universe within their Souls

The Buddha Nichiren Daishonin said that Human Beings contain the whole universe within their lives and that life at each moment is in all phenomena down to the minutest particle of dust

The wisdom of all Buddhas is the knowledge and expression and livingness of the inextricable relationship between life and all phenomena

Each Human Being is a living conduit expressing this dynamic interplay between themselves and the totality of cosmic life

We are receivers, transducers and emitters of the powerful life energy of light, life, vitality and compassion
We are alive.
We never die.
We are creatures of our own reflection
We reflect ourselves in art, music, film, social media, the media in general, our upbringing, our family, friends, relatives and associates.
We reflect ourselves in our religions and spiritual paths, our parents and partners, our wars, the technologies we use, the war machines and wars we are involved with, the environments we live in and are slowly destroying

It is a reflection tempered by the system of political correctness and conformity This system subtly feeds back at us beliefs of survival of the fittest , competition for scarce resources and the supreme importance of financial survival as the arbiter upon which every other human activity is based

The Global trade in drugs such as opium and cocaine and illegal arms, slave trading of men and women, cash crops in the developing world ,outsourcing to other countries, the use of cheap labour as in clothing factories in Bangladesh is all based on the profit motive at the expense of Human values and Human lives

Wealth, power, fame and sex are the great motivators for the Human race

Our reflective capacities of our brains dull the vigour of our Souls and our true connection with the universe

The Buddha Nichiren Dai Shonin stated that– Ultimately, all phenomena are contained within one’s life, down to the last particle of dust. The nine mountains and the eight seas are encompassed by one’s body; the sun, moon and myriad stars are contained within one’s mind. However, [common mortals do not perceive this,] just as the blind do not see images reflected in a mirror or as an infant fears neither flood nor fire. The non-Buddhist teachings set forth in the outer writings and the Hinayana and provisional Mahayana teachings of the inner scriptures all teach no more than fragments of the Law inherent in one’s life. They do not expound it in its entirety as the Lotus Sutra does. Thus there are both superiority and inferiority among the sutras, and the people who embrace them may also be divided into sages and worthy men.



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