All Living Things Are Connected


As living things on this planet we have the same tendencies hidden within our psyches

There is a layer of consciousness which connects us with the totality of animal and plant existence

As we develop in the womb the foetus recapitulates the entire evolutionary history of our mother, Gaia or Planet Earth

The expression is that ontogeny repeats phylogeny

We morph through phases of physical existence going through the earlier expressions of the developing planetary genome or seed starting 13 billion years ago

Our animal tendencies are what makes us Human and Diabolical

These are instinctual ties to our planetary mother made conscious by our large brains

To fight or flee, to rise against the foe, to fight for our survival, to defend our children, to devour what we can and accumulate wealth at the expense of others, to be territorial and have control of others like a wolf and its pack, to possess women and rape and flay them in battle and compete and control — these are instinctual attributes which in the current global climate dominate our lives

And there is a way out of this impasse. It is not religion –It is not science per se– It is not a new philosophy of human values

Whether it be the frustration of cancer, the denial of love in a myocardial infarct , the rejection of life in a stroke , the upset of automatic negative thoughts{ ANTs}depression , anxiety, bipolar depression, the solution is found in entering the harmonious interface between ourselves and the universal mind of GOD or The Creative Force

It requires courage to make this leap unfettered by religious dogma and conformity to the ideals and beliefs of a dysfunctional restrictive global system which is devoid of truly human values and compassion

In this leap into the mind of GOD we stand courageously alone.

First one then two then more will follow sans drugs sans expectations sans society as we know itThe drugs and psychedelics are not the answer to our predicament — neither are virtual realities and aspirations for physical immortality

We have to let go of the old ways and as pioneers we wield the sword of transformation with courage and faith

Then all that seems invincible around us will melt before our very eyes.

A new Global Society will be born out of the egg of indifference.

We hatch without knowing and glue into the infinite skies of enlightenment After 13 billion years our planet is on stand by

The alarms are crying out – the aquifers are drying- the heat of climate change is on us-

Nation competes against nation for scarce resources

The Buddha said– Have compassion for all beings, rich and poor alike; each has their suffering. Some suffer too much, others too little.The truth is found in compassion

The essence of our humanness is found within the love for our children and our families

To seek for enlightenment without the sword of compassion and living kindness is to fall in the sword rather than wield it and the exploration into the mind of GOD is predicated on love for self, humanity and all existence


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