New Paradigm

Posted on 4th November 2014


We are bathed and washed, inspired and created in the infinite ocean of consciousness. Some are burnt and fired, challenged and wrought like the making of swords in an iron furnace

The call of the universe is to refine purify and enhance the infinite qualities inherent in every Human Being

We are challenged when we are born onto an energetic world of light creativity and power

Somehow our true heritage has been lost in our ever desperate fight for survival in a world of reducing resources and seeming scarcity

The new paradigm which is appearing on the planet is a statement of oneness and unity. It expresses the inter relationship between all things and all disciplines. It sees the growing inequity and poverty in the world’s population where 50% of people exist on less than $2 a day as irrevocably linked to exploitation of resources, climate change and an overall state of mind which is dominator and patriarchal and based on the control by a global monetocracy.

It is the global monetocracy and the ruling elites who are controllers of the old paradigm and old ways of thinking and by their very nature subject masses of people to addiction and competition at the expense of basic human connectedness and cooperation. They also assume that the planet has infinite living and nonliving resources although they leave billions of people fighting for survival and resources in an artificially engineered world of scarcity

The new paradigm activates positive quality of emotion and feeling, thought, integrity and clarity of mind which turns on hidden genetic codes in the DNA. By its very nature it enables each person to give themselves longevity, vitality and enhanced immune systems. In this process there is an acknowledgement of the uniqueness of each individual and also the love of self and the love of others and the release of emotional blockages. The new awakening of human kind and transformation of consciousness is firmly based on the new science of quantum physics and the new understanding of the role of the human heart.


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