Consciousness – 2

Posted on 4th November 2014


Dr Hurtak says that Man, at this time, is being advanced to a new biological program of creation.

 He says When Man is directly programmed by an Overself, he is no longer kept in biochemical slavery within a three-dimensional consciousness by the “apparent realities” of the earth.  This advancement requires his acupuncture lines be extended to axiatonal lines that will be connected directly with the Overself, which is also making ascension as the next quantum level of the Adam Kadmon, just as the Adam Kadmon body is making ascension into a completely new program in our Son universe.

When Man is directly programmed by an Overself, he is no longer kept in biochemical slavery within a three-dimensional consciousness by the “apparent realities” of the earth and can pass into a new aeon of the Living Light.

The Adam Kadmon is the perfected Human which “The Divine Father calls before Himself “as we “pass into a new aeon of the Living Light”

The axial lines are part of a fifth-dimensional circulatory system combining color and sound, which are used to draw from the Overself body the basic energy used for the renewing functions of the human evolutionary body.

He says that regeneration of tissue rejuvenation and new functioning of DNA will be given through the original genetic transmissions (of the Adam Kadmon), given through a ‘spin point,’ to a cell. This is an expression of our original blue print being given expression morphologically.

The Buddha in the lotus sutra describes the medicine of the law as having perfect colour odour and taste

 Dr. Eben Alexander`s (A highly trained neuro scientist) brain was attacked by an E. coli bacterial infection, a rare form of meningitis which is fatal in more than 90% of cases.  For seven days, he lies comatose in Lynchburg General Hospital. His recovery is a medical miracle. While his body lay in coma, Alexander journeyed beyond this world and encountered an angelic being who guided him into the deepest realms of super-physical existence. There he met, and spoke with, the Divine source of the universe itself.

He had entered a new realm, a spiritual realm, where music and light combined in unimaginable beauty. After he recovered completely he wrote his book. Proof of Heaven

His book being on the New York times best sellers list 35 week means that the general public will now begin to perceive that there indeed is another reality beyond our mundane brainwashed reality that we need to contend with and understand

The expansiveness of the mind held shuttered by conditioning and genetic based fields of restrictive conditioning can suddenly be released in severe often traumatic life threatening events

Can the brain and mind only be released from its temporal constricted conditioning by severe suffering traumatic events and psychedelic drugs?

Does it take self-proclaimed enlightened masters and intense spiritual and meditative practices to awakes to samadhi or can we with an intensity of purpose and a deep belief allow the essence of the ultimate truth and reality, the immense power of divinity and the very core of light in the multiuniverse to awaken us like a candle being set aflame or a subterranean cave dark for thousands of years being lit up?

The fact is we have misconceived not only out origins but also the very nature of whom and what we are

Once we explore the mind of GOD we find we are there already. What is holding us back are the systemic structures built into an almost cyber regulated world of data regulation from birth to engineered death where the megalithic companies disembodied governments and media empires hold swathe over the minds of billions of people

Even the churches and religions stick to their dogmatic pronouncements

And the earth and the universe weary of this irrationality in the quantification of a scientific age where souls are reduced to numbered human Bodies react with giant catastrophic turbulence as the heavens open in despair

Indeed all our integrative systems which integrate  the body mind i.e. blood circulatory, lymphatic, nervous systems and the electromagnetic photonic light systems as well as the cells vibrating from their centres with the vibrating light helixes  of DNA are all immersed in and circulate with photonic coherent light.

The quantum receptivity of the trillions of our cells is engendered also by the perceived electromagnetic and quantum influxes patterned in the very watery cytosol of each cell

The coherence of our essential Light body both vibrating internally and externally can be rendered ever more powerful through the act of intention of the mind

The mind by its very nature enhances coherence of the light body

However the full effect is only seen when there is complete fusion between the individual human Mind and the greater mind in which we are immersed like a small fish in an immense ocean or a tiny spark hidden in the Sun

This is why the body is like a tuning fork and through musical signals- mantras – colours- incense and Meta signals from higher states of consciousness – including spiritual forms and mandalas higher levels if consciousness can be induced in the microcosmic human body a hologram of the microcosm

This is indeed a gateway to a new dialogue with extra planetary sources whether they are beings from extra planetary civilizations or the divine light of the ultimate reality

We are a living holistic combination of fields a micro universe connected to star points and galaxies through the axiotonal meridians of ancient Chinese acupuncture

The light continuum of the essential human Being raised to higher levels of consciousness can then function autonomously leaping into the eternal song of the universal heart forever alive and forever singing


The human system does not exclusively exhibit entropy, the second law of thermodynamics, but   also operate on the principle of centropy.

Here we understand centropy to be the electrification of matter,. Essential to biophotonic process is ROS and superoxide molecule initiates production of ROS which release biophotonic energies.

Whole blood engages in the biophotonic process which acts in an informative way. Blood can be considered to be cooperative non equilibrium System. Blood is a source of bio photons and could be used in this way for diagnostic procedures using biophotonic fields

 The photon emissions are ultra-weak, and thus we are led to the principle that it is not the intensity of the radiation, but the order that counts. Here we discover that coherence is the fundamental property of biophotons, Biological efficiency increases with decreasing intensity

Dr Emoto showed in his crystal photographs that Interaction between EM fields from the intensity of thought from human Beings affected quanta in water — imprinting information

The Biophotonic field feeds back into body system information in homeopathy acupuncture spiritual healing effecting vibrations of DNA through the blood circulatory systems and intercellular communication

The Biophotonic field works in conjunction with the EM field of the body

In fact it   is the integrating and transduction field for the whole human body

The whole human body is an EM oscillator from atomic to cellular to organs to heart and brain

The blueprints of our bodies and systemic functioning are located in the chromosomes – Gariaev calls this the holographic non local image blue print of the adult human —

Is our mental functioning determined by genetic scripting?

The cell itself is a bio computer based on DNA. The hardware is the DNA and the software is the information received through the biophotonic field and consciousness fields

The Korotkov team has shown that Energy transfer — EES channels are conducted in connective tissue leading to the dynamic variant meridians of Chinese acupuncture. Structural protein complexes serve as channels of increased electron conductivity. The korotkov et al. And jones group also show that EES create the photons which travel from acupuncture points through the meridian. These points respond also to EM and acoustic waves and visible light range microwaves (Zhsng 1961 physicist Hu et al 1990) Lower resistance acupuncture points are found in the phantom limb after amputation

This energy meridian circulatory system is another portal sensitive to sound light and pressure on specific physical points. This shows the human body is like a sensitive musical instrument played on by many stimuli from the environment

Here we begin to understand why meditation, prayer, chanting, contemplation on symbols, acupuncture, electro dermal devices and

Bio feedback has such an effect on creating more balance of the dissipative structure of the human bio mind. The holographic nature of this photonic electromagnetic body means that the total body can be balanced

 The Interference pattern of electromagnetic waves in human body is a dissipative structure and exchanges energy with environment keeping a symbiotic relationship. Such a dissipative system can also evolve and change especially in illness–fluctuations in the energy field are indicative of illness


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