Consciousness – 1

Posted on 4th November 2014


CONSCIOUSNESS causes disease and is the source of healing and healing is accomplished by moving energy. The Human Being transduces mind to matter as it converts (energy) from one form to another. Consciousness is-information – quantum – energy and matter

We need to understand the biophotonic action of the body in both its expressions, from both the energy-producing capacity for mitosis and the bio informational function. The photons form the basis of intercellular communication. The Human Body is a system operating in nonequilibrium thermodynamics (Beloussov and Popp)

The holographic nature of the human body mirrors the universe—so below so above as seen in the Da Vinci drawing of man. The dissipative structure is centropic when the consciousness quantum cosmic blue print affects the process.  Here there is vibrational feedback loop with higher sources of consciousness which maintain patterning at the expense of entropy. This means that the body field than is autonomous and self-regulating unaffected by the second law of thermodynamics 

The interference patterns of human energetic circulation circuitry in all feedback systems of body are holographic. Just as the vibrational photonic quality of DNA is a quantum hologram so the template for human body is mirrored in higher levels of blue prints stemming from cosmic consciousness /spiritual fields and maintaining itself as a vital living dissipative structure inherent in the various regulatory and circulatory systems which integrate the living human Being who has an inseparable connection with the environment

Miracle healing may well be due to patterning which from a higher source of consciousness can rejuvenate the human system as a electro magnetic quantum oscillator

As light beings our minds can heal ourselves and others with biophotonic light which has the coherent intensity of a laser

As human Beings we are sensitive to many vibrations and information from distant stars and galaxies to local environmental processes

The template of our body as a summation of the entire wave it produces becomes a standing wave expressed as a dissipative structure and system.

By its very nature the Human body is both particulate and wave and exhibits quantum functionality. It is holographic and sensitive to a full range of information from multifarious sources

In deed as Dr Dean Radin says — we are entangled minds linked in an Ocean of quantum information. Dr Etic Laszlo has called this field the akashik records

The body mind of the Human is linked inextricably with the social human environment, the living environment and the insentient environment

In Nichiren Buddhism the mind of the Buddha extends to beyond infinity traversing the infinite numbers of galaxies in the multiverse

Enlightenment is defined as the fusion of subjective wisdom and objective reality and reality is synonymous with the term consciousness which is the inextricable relationship between life and all phenomena

This is a situation where life, consciousness phenomena are all

Inextricably connected

We are thus not what we seem to be. Human Beings are receiver’s transducers and emitters of information

There is so much information that we have inbuilt filters

Our DNA thus functions also as the template for our survival on the physical plane and also maintains the holographic core of our being post death

Human body functions at some levels as a quasi-“light” body transducing signals locally and nonlocally, both from within itself and from extrabiologic

Sources (Gariaev et al., 1994; Hurtak, 1996a).

In 1990s Dr. Vladimir Poponin described a series of experiments suggesting that human DNA directly affects the physical world through an unknown field connecting the two patterns and spacing of light particles followed a random distribution, in a vacuum chamber. Samples of DNA were placed inside the chamber. In the presence of genetic material, the spacing and patterns of the light particles shifted. Into a wave .When researchers removed the DNA from the chamber the light particles remained in a congruent and not random shapes

As we further explore the mind of GOD we see human Beings are premised on a holographic template of light.  Our very cells are individually permeated with light and are connected with each other through quantized photons which flow through the vascular system and also the meridians of chi

The various energetic forces of this light body cohere around the physical  body as an electromagnetic and photonic field which biofeedbacks to the holographic light vibrations of the DNA .Each cell selectively perceives stimuli on its surface receptors as well as normal stimuli than  are also stimuli from the environment as well as energetic impulses of quantum

Information as described in the intention experiments already mentioned

Our aim as light beings and quantum waves in the ocean of the cosmic quantum field is to maintain our connection with the highest most developed light entities in the universe and enable the elixir and revitalising power of divine energy to empower our essential beings so that we regenerate and enhance our DNA to function in the most efficacious manner

The template of our body is the template of our soul – the unchanging reality which rules over all of life’s phenomena

It is through our connectedness with the perfect blue print which is our heritage by which we come back home to our truth and the truth that the human body is a microcosmos or small space-time field within a larger field


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