Posted on 29th October 2014


The acupuncture meridian system has been postulated as an underlying template for the physical body. The meridians have been difficult to locate and according to Dr J J Hurtak conduct bio photons.

Metabolism of oxygen by cells generates potentially deleterious reactive oxygen species (ROS). Under normal conditions the rate and magnitude of oxidant formation is balanced by the rate of oxidant elimination to maintain coherence. ROS leads to the production of photons and the blood plays a significant role here .Bio photons are mediators of cellular communication and induce cell division. Quanta of clouds of bio photons maintain negentropy through the principle of centropy and enable the functioning of the human as a quantum organism where centropy is the electrification of matter so that entropy is reversed and order increases

The basis of the physical structure of the human being is in the DNA ,A dynamic web of light or photons  is constantly being released and absorbed by DNA .Overall,  the human body is based  on quantum field and uncertainty principle patterned on an electromagnetic frame of reference

The biophotonic field as already discussed is the coherent field of negentropy acting at a coherent quantum level on the total functioning of the body mind brain unit.

The overall process is under control of conscious and unconscious processes. Thus the mind plays a distinctive role in modulating the vital process just as consciousness can change DNA, DNA modification can change consciousness

Dr Peter Gariaev, Ph.D., acad. Russian Acad. Natural Sci., acad. Russian Acad Medical/Technical Sci.ev sees DNA as a wave genome and humans as bio computers based on DNA. The waves consist of light – electromagnetic and acoustic fields based on non-Local signaling. It is light the power source of consciousness and focused intention and attention which can affect DNA change.

Heart math has shown that heart sourced love can unravel DNA. Cell biologist Glen Rein and IHM Research Director Rollin McCraty conducted a series of experiments in the early 1990s involving DNA and intentionally generated emotions. A decade later interest in these experiments persisted. After numerous requests, McCraty summarized their data and published the results of the research in 2003 in a brief report titled Modulation of DNA Conformation by Heart-Focused Intention.

“The results provide experimental evidence to support the hypothesis that aspects of the DNA molecule can be altered through intentionality,” Rein and McCraty wrote. “To our knowledge, this study was the first to correlate specific electrophysiological modes with the ability to cause changes in a biological target (DNA) external from the body. The data indicate that when individuals are in a heart-focused, loving state and in a more coherent mode of physiological functioning, they have a greater ability to alter the conformation (shape or structure) of DNA.”

Participants in the experiments included a test group of individuals trained and experienced in HeartMath’s coherence-building techniques and a control group who were not. Each test group participant held a DNA sample in a test tube and was directed to use three different methods – one at a time in separate trials – to make a sample wind or unwind. Each control group participant only focused on achieving the same result using one method.

“A number of nonlocal studies in which people hold an intention to affect a biological system over longer distances have also revealed dramatic effects,” Rein and McCraty wrote. “In these studies the distance between the targets and the people holding the intention are well beyond the range at which conventional electromagnetic fields could conceivably mediate the effect.”

They cited one of the nonlocal studies they conducted in which an individual was 0.5 miles away from a DNA sample. “In this example, the intention was to increase the winding of the DNA. Results from a series of five nonlocal trials (including the 0.5-mile test) demonstrated a significant change in DNA conformation.”

It seems that focused consciousness would appear to release photons containing restored DNA information which could heal the DNA of the recipient

A good example is given by Greg Braden who recorded the healing in 3 minutes of a bladder cancer of a woman in a Beijing non-surgical hospital A group of three meditators surrounded the woman and with focused meditation caused the cancer to shrink to nothing recorded on a ultrasound video screen.

Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Clinic & Training Center, simply known as the Center, had more than four thousand people living there, including doctors, patients, ChiLel teachers, trainees, and supporting personnel. The Center was established in 1988. In 1995, it expanded to an old army hospital in the city of Fengrun, near Beijing and was closed in 2001 due to political reasons.

It was directed by its founder, Dr. Pang Ming, a Qigong grandmaster and physician trained in both Western and Chinese traditional medicine. The Center avoided medicines and special diets in favor of exercise, love, and life energy and was recognized by the Chinese government as a legitimate clinic. Over the years, the Center had  treated more than one hundred and eighty diseases, including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, severe depression, paralysis, and systemic lupus with an overall success rate being more than 95%.

Everything in us – spirit, mind, body — is all interconnected! Disease is a result of blocked energy, trauma that we are holding energetically in our bodies, and it manifests differently in different people. Western medicine sees everything in isolation, though, and Western Medical Practitioners cannot hear what the new science is saying.

Gariaev and coworkers theorized that DNA has quantized acoustic optical properties, such that the chromosomes of the separate cells of an organism are actually connected as a holistic continuum. producing laser radiations as one of their own field types

The chromosome system acts as both sender and receiver of the genetic “texts” wherein its holographic memory is read by electromagnetic and acoustical fields that carry the gene-wave information out beyond the limits of the chromosome itself.

Gariaev and coworkers were able to read out, reproduce, and imprint the stored DNA information. DNA would interplay with a special two-beam laser, changing the polarization of the light and converting it simultaneously into a radiofrequency range. The photons were modulated by molecules of the DNA preparation  and the DNA-generated radio waves appeared as an entirely new type of signal, in which information is encoded by polarization of electromagnetic vectors (Gariaev et al., 2000).

Gariaev et al used of laser-generated DNA information to resuscitate damaged Arabidopsis thaliana seeds that had been irradiated at Chernobyl. DNA-generated radio waves also exhibited their high genetic activity by producing superfast growth in potatoes of up to 1 cm per day, along with tuber formation on stalks as well as roots (Gariaev et al., 1994).

Such wave technology could be used to repair damaged chromosomes in a non-invasive manner in curing so called incurable diseases they could also correct genetic defects and act as wave vaccines

The DNA are the vibratory power houses for the bio photonic or light body which surrounds each human being. This bio photonic body works in conjunction with the electromagnetic body composed especially of vibrations from the heart and brain

Our challenge as human Beings is to access the supreme organizing consciousness patterning or our perfect blue print non-locally which can resuscitate and regenerate our being to our innate perfection

Life is a constant cascade of challenges Our body’s miraculous  power is to maintain its coherence and balance – centropy at the point of consistent bifurcation and dissipation caused by oxidation in all physiological processes

In the paper   Consciousness and Quantum Information Processing: Uncovering the Foundation for a Medicine of Light BRUCE D. CURTIS, M.A., M.Div.,1,2 and J.J. HURTAK, Ph.D., (Social Science) Ph.D. (History & Oriental Studies THE JOURNAL OF ALTERNATIVE AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE 2004 concludes that the  body has a  fifth circulatory system based on the Chinese meridian system

Hurtak sees the  acupuncture meridian system as an underlying template for the physical body  .It consists  of dissipative  aggregates of  photons activated by ROS at key acupuncture nodal points stimulated  by needling, laser light or sound frequencies

The aggregates self-organise as a centropic organised process creating negentropy the vibratory function of the body bio mind and are no local frequencies conducted as light down microtubules in the connective tissue next to the body`s cells. There are over1 trillion cells in the human Body

This power is based on bio photonic patterning and organisation which is negentropic and orchestrated by DNA holographic photonics vibration

Fractal structure, light emission photonic, non Local organization and multidimensional are all qualities of the human bio mind

The vibrationary quotient of each human is a harmonic of the vibratory heart of each atom as in string theory. A human Body can be played like a musical instrument using mantras of higher consciousness. The geometric characteristics of the 10 dimensional strings inherent in each atom mirror the functioning of fractals and the pyramidal structure of the design of the great pyramids

The microcosm mirrors the macrocosm. The minutest mustard seed contains the whole of life and universe in it. Nothing is wasted and everything is subject to the ultimate law of the simultaneity of cause and effect.

We are implicitly divine sparks and reflections of the ultimate truth

Our access to higher templates of consciousness can enable us to Rejuvenate through the power of our consciousness directly connected with the ultimate truth, the mind of GOD, through multi body vehicles.

The key is to awaken to this truth which can enable us to go back Home to our birth right and true essence

With or without technologies our being resides in a multidimensional compassionate universe of light and love. We have to reclaim our destiny as a human race of untold and infinite potential


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