The New Paradigm of Healing and Consciousness

Posted on October 29th 2014


THE NEW PARADIGM OF HEALING AND CONSCIOUSNESS will have a profound affect on the way we perceive ourselves and our planetary environment. It expresses a new spirituality encompassing a consciousness of oneness in which all life maintains itself at the expense of everything else

The new vision for humanity shows that we can be masters of our own lives by being open to the fundamental healing essence inherent in the universe

Probably the biggest drawback to their development of human Beings which occurs after birth is the child`s sense of fear and abandonment. Parental nurturing in the early years can enable the growth of the prefrontal lobes to be optimum and through the development of the orbital cingulate gyrus enables the higher mind to take mastery over the neo cortex, mid brain and reptilian or hind brain. Unfortunately this opportunity is rarely taken and because of the nature of our fear driven global society the fight and flight brain consisting of the mid and reptilian or hind brain is developed at the expense of the prefrontal lobe. This is shown by the high rate of child suicide which has occurred in America in the past 50 years as enculturation and anomie takes further hold on materialistic civilisation.



In the paper Distant Mental Influence: Its Contributions to Science, Healing, and Human Interactions By William Braud Professor Braud, University of Houston, he stated that –

Based on a review of this experimental literature, the statistical results are beyond what is expected by mean chance expectation

He stated that, Whereas the distant intentionality effect sizes are small, they are comparable to or, in some cases, eight times larger than those reported in some recent medical studies that have been heralded as medical breakthroughs


In the Intention experiment conducted by lynne McTaggart with Gary Schwartz

They selected barley seeds –one set of seeds, and three controls, to eliminate chance findings.

They have run six Germination Intention Experiments – one via the Internet, with participants from countries all over the world, and five others in front of Lynne McTaggart’s audiences, of various sizes and locations around the world

Dr. Schwartz then conducted a variety of complex analyses of the growth of all six Intention Experiments and the six Control Experiments

They discovered that on the days they sent intention, all the plants grew higher than all the plants in the Control Experiments, with the plants sent intention the highest of all.

This is called a scattergun effect

This effect was highly significant (p<0.0000001), with a 0.00001 per cent possibility that they had arrived at this result by simple chance.


‘scattergun’ effect occurred in an experiment by Dutch psychologist Eduard Van Wijk, who works with German physicist Fritz-Albert Popp of the International Institute for Biophysics. Van Wijk placed a jar of simple algae, near a healer and his patient, then placed a jar of a simple algae, near a healer and his patient, then measured the photon emissions of the algae. The quantity of emissions significantly changed during the healing sessions, as though the algae were being bombarded with lights


Their experiments suggested  that living things register information from the entire environment, and not simply between two communicating entities.

The series of studies by McTaggart, showed that distance from which intention is sent doesn’t have any bearing on the results. A group of people scattered around the globe produced the same effect as a group of 600, located thousands of miles away from the target. Also according to the data, the size of the group didn’t have any bearing, either; even a tiny group of 100 in a room in New York had been able to profoundly affect a batch of seeds more than a thousand miles away.


The only important factor appeared to be experience.


Lyn Mctaggart also  examined  whether a  ‘group mind’ has the power to lower violence and restore peace. The plan was to have her followers all over the world join forces

For 8 days beginning Sep 14 tens of thousands of followers from 65 countries focused on northern Sri Lanka, the  chosen stronghold Tamil Tigers, an area at that time, consumed with violence for 25 years due to civil war with the  largest number of bombings in the world

Noted peace advocate Dr. Kumar Rupesinghe and his colleagues from the Foundation for Co-existence in Columbo, Sri Lanka, supplied   weekly violence data from the past two years for both the North and Eastern sections and continued to monitor both areas

From these statistics, Dr. Jessica Utts, professor of Statistics at University of California at Irvine, modeled a prediction of the likely average violence levels

The week of the Peace Intention Experiments experienced a sudden surge of attacks and killings, largely brought on by the Sri Lankan government, which sought a last full-on effort to quash the Tamil Tiger rebels in the Northern stronghold.

In the immediate aftermath of the experiment, both deaths and numbers of people injured fell dramatically. The death rate suddenly fell by 74 percent and injuries by 48 percent.

Dr. Utts’ time analysis reveals that the violence vastly increased to levels far higher than predicted during the week of the experiment and for a few weeks afterward, and then plummeted to below what was expected.

Several analyses revealed that REG machines were affected within a 40 minute window of meditations during the eight days of the Peace Intention Experiment. See the global consciousness project, below


Most interesting of all was the long-term effect of the experiments on the participants. Some 44 per cent of participants noticed changes in their relationships with others during the experiment whether family and more so with strangers


Lunne McTaggart has said that anyone can learn to do effective intention but it does require some learned techniques. To find out about intention technique. Lynne McTaggart interviewed many intention masters – Qigong masters, Buddhist monks, master healers – and scientists.

The basics of her program are

  • How to choose a special intention space.
  • How to power up through meditation.
  • When to move into a state of peak focus.
  • How to make state your intention and make it very specific.
  • How to mentally rehearse every moment of it.
  • How and when to visualize, in vivid detail, your intention as established fact.
  • The best timing – which are the best days for doing intention.
  • How to surrender to the universe’s power and let go of the outcome.


The essential thing is that consciousness is not separate from the world, just looking on. It is enmeshed and instrumental, and we should know that so we can use it, to get on with becoming the sheath of intelligence (noosphere) for the earth.  That is our terribly important work as human beings — our evolutionary destiny, as Teilhard de Chardin put it – Roger Nelson

The Global Consciousness Project, created originally in the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab at Princeton University, is directed by Roger Nelson from his home office in Princeton. The Institute of Noetic Sciences provides a logistical home for the GCP.

Roger D. Nelson developed the projectin the 1990s as an extrapolation of two decades of experiments from the controversial Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab (PEAR), which Nelson says appeared to show that electronic noise-based, random number generators (RNG or REG, random event generators) seem to be influenced by human consciousness to bring about a less-than-random sequence of data.

After 16 years of monitoring more than 480 world events, researchers report strong evidence of some kind of transpersonal connectedness that seems to emerge when many people share a common concern or experience

We can conclude,” says Nelson, “that there really are effects of consciousness in the world, unexpected correlations in our network of random devices. Something is going on, and the most likely conclusion is that there is an interconnection of consciousness at deeply hidden levels between people and among people across the globe.”


Controlled laboratory research on interactions of consciousness with physical random systems began in the 1960’s. Helmut Schmidt at Boeing Laboratories conducted the first large database experiments .In 1979, Robert Jahn established the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) laboratory at Princeton University. A key aim was to study whether sensitive electronic devices might be affected by special states of consciousness including strong emotions and directed intention. Nelson joined the PEAR group in 1980.


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