Posted on 10th October 2014


What is not explored or expressed is the innate living consciousness on the living universe which is called in this book the mind of GOD

Perhaps it is not as difficult as we think. Herbert Benson the Harvard Physician said that the brain is hard wired for faith.

Our bodies are quantum biological waves on an ocean of living possibilities in a multi universe of probabilities. We human beings are quantum beings. Our emotions, feelings, thought processes, gut feelings, heartfelt cries are energetic and although mirrored in the physiological functioning of our organs and the contractile responses of our muscles are filtered through the vibrational frequencies of our DNA and fed back as homeostasis from our electromagnetic body and light photonic body. The trillion cells function as an integrated whole human Being physical  bio mind entity and at quantum speeds of simultaneity  through the microtubules of connecting light provide information on a global Body basis .

We can change the system both within and outside ourselves. Despite the homeostasis and memes and belief patterns which keep the human biomind body the way it is in illness or health we can optimize our health and wellbeing from a reductive allopathic management using a holistic approach.

And this is where the mind of GOD steps in.

Our general wellbeing is said to rest on a psycho neuro immunological regulatory societal environmental approach. It should be a spiritual Divine multi universe cosmic psycho neuro immunological regulatory societal environmental approach.

The  essence of the ultimate truth, the God Force, the ultimate mind of time without beginning or end ,the oneness with all, the ultimate expression, the unconditional love , the gravity of compassion, the truth beyond understanding ,resonates and  is conducted in the vey quantum attributes of our cellular nature.

The ultimate nature of the mind of GOD is unfathomable, unknowable, indecipherable and enigmatic.

Science can reach a defined alpha and omega and cannot go further.

In string theory the basic fundamental energetic core of the cosmos is vibration of what is called a string. It can be compared on biological terms to a stem cell. Given one set of circumstances it becomes a photon or a graviton or a quark, from the elementary particles are developed electromagnetic, gravity , weak and string nuclear forces The photon  a particle of light, is the mediator of electromagnetic forces.

Within this context vibration is the key gateway to information and consciousness.

String theory does not give light or the humble photon the significance they deserve.

Human Beings have as discussed an electromagnetic body and a photonic or light body They also are connected on higher levels through a mental or causal body to the cosmic god mind essence Our tough sheaths of muscular and body armoring, metaphysical resistance to truth, conformity of our physiology and genetics to familial and societal expectations try and prevent us from being with our eternal heritage which transcends life and death and is a high state of vibrational intensity.

The challenge is to be ourselves and be free from the trammels of a conformist dictatorial dogmatic global ideology which blinds us from the truth

Every aspect of our lives as it stands tries to block us off from the noetic and genius qualities  all human Beings possess.

We have finite bodies and infinite minds.

There is a recent book out called proof of heaven written by a Harvard trained neurosurgeon Evan Alexander who after getting a very severe meningitis was brain dead for one week. All his doctors thought he would never recover or if he did he would be physically and mentally compromised. Miraculously he recovered completely and had story to tell reminiscent of Near Death Experiences He says in the book –Communicating with God is the most extraordinary experience imaginable, yet at the same time it’s the most natural one of all, because God is present in us at all times. Omniscient, omnipotent, personal-and loving us without conditions. We are connected as one through our divine link with God.”

Similarly Jill Bolte Taylor was a neuroscientist working at Harvard’s brain research centre. She had a stroke in December 1996 which completely disabled the left side of her brain “After experiencing intense pain “she says. Her body disconnected from her mind. She wrote in her book. “The energy of my spirit seemed to flow like a great whale gliding through a sea of silent euphoria” even though her body struggled to live.

Our brains are hard wired for faith and our bodies are fluid quantum energetic configurations which vibrate at the speed of light.

The body or bio mind construct is a template for the consciousness of GOD .GOD can be expressed as ultimate consciousness, divine artificer, mystic essence, divine grace, the unknowable, the ultimate truth, the alpha and omega and that which cannot be named.

According to Dr David Hawkins GOD is of such a high vibration that GOD cannot be calibrated in Human terms. The highest calibration on this planet that he measures is 1000.

This is the maximum energy level that can be tolerated by the human body and nervous system. No human has ever existed with a consciousness calibration higher than 1000. The archetypes Christ, Buddha, and Krishna are at this level. This state is also the existence of Buddhahood, Christ Consciousness, At-Oneness with the Source Manifest and Unmanifest.

Beyond the human realm of consciousness possibility there is 1000+ – to infinity Thus we have Buddhahood, Brahman, Christ, Krishna, the ‘I’ of Ultimate Reality.

The Source of reality manifest as divinity, the supreme creative Source of eternal consciousness, the source of all that is.

The mind of GOD is all around. It is in every action, every thought, every human, every creature, every plant, every atom and every phenomenon.

It is neither existence nor nonexistence and encompasses all, whether in the Buddha of Buddhism Brahma of Brahmin, Allah of Islam, Jesus of Christianity, GOD is there

Whether in the void of  Mahayana Buddhism, the mystic essence of the lotus  sutra,  the Holy Spirit of Christianity, the grace of  GOD received in Judaism , the reservoir of coherent, creative, mind energy in TM, Tmoksa the union (sayujya) with Brahman, also known as Brahmajnana. In Hinduism, the mind of GOD is there weaving the inscrutable essence of wisdom, creativity, knowledge and light

The sheaths our animal selves, the voracious nature of our desires the sufferings of birth, illness, old age and death, the immense diagnostic category of physical and psychiatric illnesses and anomalies are the lower rungs of the spiral of existence, the coarse slow vibrations of aim inhibited sadness and aggression and fear weaving often impenetrable barriers around our energetic blue print.

And yet even the worst psychopath and the most virulent cancers can be overcome in a moment under the correct circumstances

The key is the understanding of who we really are. We are permeated by consciousness of infinite proportion.


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