Posted on 29th October 2014

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We are not what we seem to be. All life is quantum and is premised on a balance of oxidative and reductive processes which keep the individual cell in balance or homeostasis.

There are Approximately 70 trillion cells in the human body we are energy Beings and the basis of our being resides in consciousness. Deepak Chopra has said

Consciousness may exist in photons, which seem to be the carrier of all information in the universe

The essence of life and all of existence is light.

Reactive oxygen species in the cells are the result of oxidative processes

Medical research can only benefit by exploring the implications of Voeikov’s fundamental insight that: “the processes with ROS participation taking place in aqueous systems and generating electron excited states play a fundamental  informational role in the emergence and realization of vital processes” (Voeikov, 2000)

The aggregates self-organise as a centropic organised process creating negentropy the vibratory function of the body bio mind and are non-local frequencies conducted as light down microtubules in the connective tissue next to the cells.

This power is based on biophotonic patterning and organisation which is negentropic and orchestrated by DNA holographic photonic vibration

Fractal structure light emission photonic non local organisation and multidimensionality are all qualities of the human biomind.

Our body’s miraculous power is to maintain its coherence and balance – centropy at the point of consistent bifurcation and dissipation caused by oxidation in all physiological processes

The vibrationary quotient of each human is a harmonic of the vibratory heart of each atom as expressed in string theory.

A human Body can be played like a musical instrument using mantras of higher consciousness.

The geometric characteristics of the 10 dimensional strings inherent in each atom mirror the functioning of fractals and the pyramidal structure implicit in the design of the great pyramids. What is below is above. The minutest mustard seed contains the whole of life and universe in it.

All is changeable, nothing is constant. This is the law of birth and death.” and everything is subject to the ultimate law of the simultaneity of   cause and effect

(Sessen-doji) (Snow Mountains) was the name of Shakyamuni Buddha in a previous lifetime when he was practicing austerities in the Snow Mountains in pursuit of enlightenment. His story appears in the “Noble Practice” chapter of the Chinese version of the Mahaparinirvana Sutra translated by Dharmaraksha, a monk from central India, in the early fifth century. The boy Snow Mountains had mastered all the non-Buddhist teachings, but had yet to hear of Buddhism. The god Shakra or Taishaku) decided to test his resolve. He appeared before the boy Snow Mountains in the form of a hungry demon and recited half a verse from a Buddhist teaching: “All is changeable, nothing is constant. This is the law of birth and death.” Inspired by this, the boy begged the demon to tell him the second half of the verse. The demon agreed, but demanded flesh and blood in payment. The boy Snow Mountains gladly promised to offer his own body to the demon, who in turn gave him the latter half of the teaching: “Extinguishing the cycle of birth and death, one enters the joy of nirvana.” The boy Snow Mountains scrawled this teaching on rocks and trees for the sake of those who might pass by and then, to fulfill his promise, jumped from a tall tree to give his body to the demon.Just at that moment the demon changed back into Shakra and caught him. He praised the boy Snow Mountains’ willingness to give his life for the Law and predicted that he would certainly attain Buddhahood. The Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism

We are implicitly divine sparks and reflections of the ultimate truth.

Our access to higher templates of consciousness can enable us to rejuvenate through the power of our consciousness directly connected with the ultimate truth, the mind of GOD, through multi body vehicles.

The key is to awaken to this truth which can enable us to go back home to our birth right and true essence.

With or without technologies our being resides in a multidimensional compassionate universe of light and love. We have to reclaim our destiny as a human race of untold and infinite potential.

The Hubble Space Telescope “Ultra Deep Field” View

Described as a “million-second-long exposure”, The Hubble Space Telescope “Ultra Deep Field” View  was taken during 400 orbits of the Hubble Space Telescope. It made 800 exposures over the four month period September 24, 2003 to January 16, 2004. It contains an estimated 10,000 galaxies, but the field of view is so empty that it contains only about seven stars from the Milky Way galaxy. It was taken by the ACS and NICMOS cameras.

The Hubble Space Telescope “depicted the range of view of some of the galaxies of the ultradeep field as being in the range of 400 to 700 million years after the big bang, some of the most distant objects ever viewed.  The viewing area contained about 10000 detectable galaxies. Each galaxy contains up to 1 trillion stars.

  The image covered 11.5 square arcminutes. One of the NASA comments is that this is about 1 ten millionth of the total sky. It has been compared to looking through an eight-foot-long soda straw.If you assume uniformity, and then the number of galaxies projected would be 104 x 107 = 1011 galaxies. This is of the order of magnitude of the number of stars estimated to be in the Milky Way galaxy.

Perhaps if the hubble telescope could be removed to one of the distant galaxies and observe the same tiny area of universe the space may once again be filled with galaxies in an infinite display of light. Indeed we are made of light and powered by light


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