Michael loves The Great Galah Story, is a wonderful funny book . It expresses  the concept that that the greatest unfulfilled potential on our planet is the human mind and yet we treat each other as commodities, collateral damage and data for economic rationalism rather than real people

The Great Galah Story
Gallanstein. The Elder has a great story for us all to identify with. The Galah is a bird which is much misrepresented. It’s always been our battle cries of the “Free the Galah Movement” that we wish to free the Galahs, — free them from their cages, persecution and misrepresentation of them by the human beings. We have a story here that starts in the mists of time and represents courage, heroism and compassion which even human beings can comprehend. This bird called Grayling, as Gallanstein. The Elder said  , has a great story for us all to identify with. It was narrated by the great Gallanstein himself, pecked in perfection on pristine parchment.Please find the link to this book below:


Global Peace Centre

The Global Peace Centre is a global alliance of individuals and organizations dedicated to building a world of peace in which we all live in freedom, harmony, cooperation and co-prosperity. We have come together as concerned Global citizens realizing that with increasing Global population requiring more and more resources with tremendous inequality of distribution our planet is reaching breaking point in terms of economic and ecological crises.

The Global Peace Centre is a focus and a place for the awareness and consciousness, of the need for change which will radiate throughout the globe .Recognition of the one-ness of life on earth, of its beauty, and its sanctity, must be spread in every way possible.
We need new science, new understanding of the Universe, and new understanding of the nature of life and death and to celebrate the infinite potential of the Human Mind. We need to be open and have openness of dialogue.

Please join our “Million thoughts of Peace” on Global Peace Centre.

A Trillion stars surround us like glowing beacons in the night


A Trillion stars surround us like glowing beacons in the night.

In the Australian Simpson desert at night the sky is alive and alight with starlight. We are connected in Oneness as a human family by an unfathomable mystery of life itself. Brian Swimme has called the attractor of relationship in the universe the gravity of compassion. What is the cause of the slightly open door that humanity sees before itself? Is it that the darkness is now aflame with change? When, as a species, we are confronted with overpopulation, sixth phase shift of mass planetary extinction, pollution of the biosphere by thousands of chemicals, climate change with vast increase in carbon, rapid global warming, these are all signals for transformation. The burgeoning increase in chronic illness, heart disease, cancer, and depression in the human population means that our time has come. We are born alone and die alone and are on this planet, in relative terms, in a blink of an eye. So can we and do we, allow the dictates of the rational mind, the smooth ordering of society, the rotating cogs of the oiled wheel to repeat on itself like a never ending mantra of the collective that all is well and all we need to do is conform — conform to the antics of a surrogate society — where games of plutocracy are played in Democracy, peace is played in military industrial complex and conservation is played in abattoirs, discarded computers and use by date cars and nuclear power stations. And the system smiles in us with calculating neutral eyes like the journalists and news readers portray the latest disaster with uncanny neutrality.

Why? Why??

For God’s sake why??? We cry!!!

Because God has no part to play in this inferno of desire for wealth and more at the expense of it all. We need to be indignant. Enough is enough -The old ways are fading. We take a stand against the incomprehensibility of it all.