Dr Michael is general practitioner, peace worker and writer. He is a medical doctor specializes in integrative medicine. He has a keen interest in all modalities of healing including the significance of consciousness which he feels has been left out of the scientific equation generally. He understands as a peace worker and having worked in this field for 20 years that people do not understand the nature of peace, or the need for creation of the unified humanity. He believes that healing and peace and the geopolitical world are all inter related. Where there is hunger, war and conflict either nationally or internationally this creates dissonance through out the whole family of human kind. He believes people do not understand that we are at tipping point for our survival as species. We therefore have to approach our reality in a new way and understand that in fact we are not what we seem to be. We have to completely change the way we see ourselves. He believe that we are at the point which he calls singularity. This is a time for complete change. Michael has done several significant conference in major universities in Australia on Global peace and has worked with United nations and conducted a major global internet conference on peace in December 2012 called “Shaping the Future Global”, He is founder and editor of the new paradigm journal and his new fiction book called “The great Galah story” is due to be published on kindle very shortly. He is founder of the Global Peace Center which is at http://www.peacecentre.org and he works with leading peace makers through out the world. He also is very concerned about the nature of medical systems and feels that there has to be a new kind  of healing which is integrative and takes into account the whole person.


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